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Problem With My Ipod



Seriously, i remember songs in my head. Amazing isn't it? I hate being on the bus/train next to someone with an ipod. Main reason why i don't have one as i am not that ANTI-SOCIAL to sit in a crowd and not be able to hear anything.


yeah well what about being in a crowd reading a book and not seeing anything ? No better I say .


I was going to buy an iPod two months ago, but couldn't decide on the classic (has more storage, since I'd like to put all on my files if possible, but comes with hard disk), and the nano (back then only 8Gb, but flash memory). And then I was subtlety made aware that so far, there's been an annual update of the nano in September. So I waited. And tomorrow I'm getting my 16 Gb nano. And I hope it will work as it's supposed to :s
Main reason why I wanted one is to be anti-social, I don't mind people talking on to me on the bus or tram, but if I have to listen to one more discussion about how some random loud-talking woman got pregnant at sixteen, or the hysterectomy of an old woman's daughter, I'll just start walking everywhere. And I don't have the time to do that.

It might sound crazy, but sometime it's worthwhile to check youtube for iPod solutions, my brother had one from 2004 that did absolutely nothing, until he saw on youtube how to open it and shake it. Sounds crazy, but it worked!

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