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Profesional or Amateur



as you they will know, in my country, Argentina, the rugby is amateur. so the player is really gamer, but don´t have a competitive performance. you that you say???? :mellow:
Don't really understand what your trying to ask but I think amateur is way better than professional rugby to watch but players also deserve to get paid for what they do these days just that it kind of takes away from playing for pride instead of a payday.
Money causes lots of problems for clubs. Especially when they count on doing well in competitions so they can buy extra players in. because it can turn round and kick them up the butt like what happened to Richmond quite a few years ago

Money can also brings in problems with players who wouldnt have played rugby while it was amatuer but are playing now because they will get paid for it and their heart and passion will not be in the game
I think the top few leagues should be professional and the lower leagues amature. When I was playing and things first went pro lots of smaller teams from the lower ranks with wealthy benifactors would pile money into attracting ageing former internationals and discard players from local first teams.Although it was good to play against these guys the benifactors soon realised there was only so far these little clubs could go andwithdrew their funding.When the money went so did the former pros and these clubs hadnt even thought of youth development so they slid down the system.
I love professional rugby but it is so important that it is run properly or we are in danger of ruining the spirit of our great game.
IMHO the money isn't the problem it's the growing pains that it's brought...footy had 100 to evolve slowly into a natural order, rugby went headlong into the money era & has had fair too many schisms and implosions as a result. Glorious old teams over-reaching themselves & going to the wall, groups of teams trying to ringfence their own positions, players strikes...there are numerous examples. It's easy to hark back to the less complicated amateur era but look at the terrible discrimination that happened to players who were seen to have "gone professional".

Ultimately the players are risking their health and so should share some of the rewards. The clubs need to secure their own futures but it's a pity it couldn't have happened more slowly & stably.

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