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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by esoj, Dec 5, 2005.

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    here is the list of transfers for next years npc

    not really any suprises in there execpt for maybe feek moving.

    from tvnz
    Mr Tew noted that there would be other players not covered by the transfer regulations who would also be looking to move to other provinces to play club rugby there next year with a view to breaking into that province's team for the Air New Zealand Cup or Division One competitions.

    The full list of players transferring is below under the team they are moving to:

    Bay of Plenty: James McGougan from Auckland, Jamie Nutbrown from Canterbury, John Pareanga from Waikato, Rena Schuster from Waikato, Sam Christie from Waikato

    Canterbury: Aaron Bancroft from Marlborough, Kevin Senio from Bay of Plenty

    Counties Manukau: Andrew Van Der Heijden from Auckland, Ben Meyer from North Harbour, Kristian Ormsby from Wellington

    Hawke's Bay: Danny Lee from Otago, Hayden Pedersen from Otago, Jason Shoemark from Otago, Justin Wilson from Wellington, Matt Egan from Wellington

    Manawatu: Aaron Good from Poverty Bay, Daniel Alofa from Waikato

    Northland: David Holwell from Wellington, Jamie McQueen from Waikato, Joel McKenty from Waikato

    North Otago: Faaitu Tuamoheloa from South Canterbury

    Otago: Brett Maher from Canterbury, Craig Newby from North Harbour, Chris King from Canterbury

    Southland: Craig Dunlea from Otago, Kane Thompson from Wellington

    Taranaki: Brendon Watt from Wellington, Jarrod Hoeata from Canterbury, Semisi Taulava from Wanganui

    Tasman: Ben May from Canterbury, Greg Feek from Canterbury, James King from Taranaki, Jonathan Poff from Canterbury

    Thames Valley: Gene Waller from Waikato

    Waikato: Malili Muliaina from Auckland, William Ripia from Bay of Plenty

    Wanganui: Filifili Samuelu from Taranaki

    Wellington: Chris Masoe from Taranaki
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  3. Horray, another Good in rugby! no relation though [​IMG]
  4. good find esoj

    great way to keep us updated

    its official....auckland is the most talented province in the WORLD(unless you count samoa,fiji and tonga as states then...not really)
  5. esoj

    esoj Guest

    no problems bro. I love doing this sort of thing looking out for rugby news and stuff.
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