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PS2 controller and PC version



I'm using a basic ps2 controller with my PC version of the game.

I can't figure out the controls, could anyone post a list of them if they have them.

I notice (though this may be a mistake on my part) that the analog controls don't work. Should this happen or have I done something wrong?
The controls should be on the game but if your using a Ps2 to usb converter the buttons are all over the place.

Both analogues should work you might need to go to your control panel and game controllers to configure them.
Depending on your control adaptor the buttons may vary but i also use a PS2 controller with a adaptor i bought from TradeMe and off the top of my head the buttons are as follows:

R1 = Sprint
L1 = Change Player
L2/R2 = Pass Left/Right

X = Drop Goal, Jump
O = Punt, Dive Tackle
Square = Grubber
Triangle = Up and Under

And as you can see the buttons are all over the place so i was wondering if someone can recommend a program to change them around i use "Pinnacle Game Profile" but that only works for one Control and is only a 30 day trial unless you buy it.

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