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PS2 UK Release date?



Apologies if this has been covered before. I was just about to place my order with Amazon and was horrified to see it says release is on 3rd June! EA sports UK says 18th and so does HMV and Play.com. Has anyone got any confirmed dates for UK release. Thanks!
It also says released 2006 on Amazon, I think they might of got this wrong. I wouldn't worry.
it says on gamestop its out,so if i order it of gamestop,im in the uk,and gamestop is and r.o.i based website,will i still be able to order it,and can anyone confirm if its out 100 percent in the uk.
Already pre-prdered myne of amazon..Cant wait, hopefully it will come sometime during the week, preferebly before Friday
i know what you mean i cant wait,i was thinking if you could order it of gamestop,then it would get here like within a few days.
As I've mentioned countless other times here due to my excitement, I pre-ordered mine off Play!!! Yeah as you said hopefully it will come early, or at least on the day so I can play it when I come back from school.
Thats the plan anyways.

I will be hidden in my room for weeks to come, no college, no food, just pur non-stop rugby
apart from going to the saints matches
Mine is pre-ordered off play and its stated for the 18th should arrive early tho cos thats what play does best
i got it for ps2 today in dublin, totally worth the cost of a ryanair flight to dublin for it
Pre-ordered mine on Amazon in January, just checked my account and the game appears to have been dispatched yesterday 13th March!!! Hopefully in a days time it will be mine as it is going 1st class. PRECIOUS...MY PRECIOUS...gurgle.
just ordered mine of play,shud get here wednesday or thursday as play do that mail thing where u have to sign and they always get to you within 48 hours.
If you have ordered from play.com the web site is saying IN STOCK- DISPATCH WITHIN 24 HRS!!!!!!!!! About F****** time to.. I feel a sore throat and a bout of rugby05itis coming on for the rest of the working week!!!!

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