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PS2 updated roster help



I have made my own roster,with the help of Woosaahs editor, i have played it on the pc game, now i have made it in to a max file, so it can be used on the ps2, it works great untill i try to use my own roster in Challenge mode and world league. I have used Woosaahs editor to make the rdf file i need to use my own roster in challenge mode and world league, but i cant get it to work on the ps2.

Dose any one know of any way you can use your own roster in Challenge mode and world league on the ps2?

If so can you please let me know

Thank you very much.


i use my flash drive and copy a roster from my ps3 onto it. put it back in to the computer and open it up. there is only 1 file on there its a .PSV file. how do i change it to a max file or open it or something this is as far as i can get. or can someone send me a roster already done so i can load it straight to my ps3. thanx

C A Iversen

It won't be that easy, it'll have to come back to being a workable .psv file for you to transfer it back to the PS3. I wonder if any of the guys can do it. I'll bet Woosaah could do with a truckload of rep points, lol!

I'm with you in hoping for this K-Pac!

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