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PSP - do you have one?



Right, i bought myself a PSP last week just so i had something to do on my plane trips as i take a few each year.

I have myself a Simpsons LE one. Its yellow and pretty cool. I bought myself a 4gb memory stick for it as well and am getting a spare battery as well (for certain tasks)

anyway since i only have the simpsons game i am looking and was wondering if anyone else out there has a PSP and has any recomendations of games to get.

I am going to buy a couple of platnim games probably on the way home today. I am looking at burnout domination and maybe NBA Live, though i am not sure yet. Could get Rachet as when i am home i am sure my dad will play that lol.

So.. What games do you have and what do you recomend?
I have one and don't really use it anymore. It takes too long to start up and load in-between levels. Although if you have one of the new ones, that won't be as much of a problem.

I used to play Fifa 06' quite a lot on mine. I hear the new Wipeout is going to be a fun game on it. Killzone and the Metal Gear are both rated very highly.
Don't have a PSP anymore but Gripshift is a very good game if you can find it, pretty cheap too, great game for those quick fixes or bus trips, great load times, lots of levels and heaps of replay value with a great track editor that increases the heaps to tonnes.

A very unique platform racer that was passed by many but for those who got into it it is pretty awesome. Don't let the fact that it was made by Sidhe turn you off either, it in my opinion is their best effort by far and is their own original idea.
I bought one of the white slim & lite PSP's not too long ago and killzone which came with it was utter crap, and metal gear solid wasn't too bad, doesn't really do MGS justice on a handheld though.
The games I own:

Gitaroo Man: Lives
MGS: (The new one, I have forgotten the name)
Killzone: Liberation
Crazy Taxi (both games 1 & 2)

And a few UMD movies, I might trade in MGS today, like I said before it doesn't suit a handheld.
Firstly, I had one a while back and it was stolen.
So, on Boxing Day I used my Christmas Cash to go buy one. It's newer and slimmer ect...
I f***ing Love It. I also bought a 4GB memory and have loaded music, video, and photos on it. I've been making my own wallpapers as well. I can go online, blah blah blah...
Yes, I love it.
I've played a few games, but must say, I just bought GTA: Vice City Stories and love it. That is what I recomend. Yes, it doesn't load as fast as a PS2 or 3, but c'mon, it's a f***ing handheld and it's f***ing brilliant.
I think my handheld is brilliant too. My wife plays with it more than I do though. One day I showed it to her and now she never leaves it alone long enough for me to have a go. Wish I'd kept it to myself.
I think my handheld is brilliant too. My wife plays with it more than I do though. One day I showed it to her and now she never leaves it alone long enough for me to have a go. Wish I'd kept it to myself. [/b]

Nice one bro. :p :D
I have a few games now... thanks to xmas :)

International Cricket Captain III (i actually like this game haha)
Ricky Ponting Cricket (gay)
Vice City Stories
Burnout Dominator
Raw 2008
ones i havnt played yet:
Sims 2 castaway
Pro Evo 7
Tiger woods 08
sega rally revolution
and crash bandicoot.
a friend of mine gave me a fwe of them so thats pretty cool. i like my psp very much haha
Traded in MGS: Portable Ops for about 8 pounds, but did buy for about 15 so its not too bad.

Not sure what to buy next for it, I'm bored with my current game selection on my PSP.
no there isnt. closest you could get would probably be madden, but thats not really close at all.
is there a rugby game for psp? [/b]
Umm I got Jonah Lomu Rugby on my Psp but its hard to play because theres no buttons to replace the R2 & L2.

Here's a list of just some of the games I own:
Nba Live 2006, 07, 08
Gta Liberty City Stories
Gta Vice City Stories
B Boy
Burnout Dominator
Ridge Racer
Def Jam
Ratchet & Clank
Fifa 08
Fight Night 3
Madden 08
Crash Bandicoot 1,2,3
Tekken 1,2,3
Resident Evil 1,2,3
and heaps of others too many to name.
lol jlr on psp would be mad. i dont have it to put on my psp, but coudl if i had it. wouldnt be the same though.

Ill hopefully get some more sport games soon :) i have to pry my psp off my flatmates hand though, he has been hard out playing raw vs smackdown and i cant get it haha
I don't mind playing Fifa 07 on the PSP, its pretty entertaining. I don't own one, I just play my mates one when ever we travel.

I played a car racing game on it a good 12 months ago...Midnight Club Dub Edition I think??? It was pretty average I thought...
Have one for the past few years.

Need for Speed 5-1-0 - not bad

Wipeout pure - good fun, but can get a bit boring

Hot Shots golf - open tee - Brilliant - couldn't put it down. perfect for flights etc..

Tomb raider - anniversary - quite good, hardly any load times

Killzone liberation - Kak

loco Roco - very funny - good game - can finish very quick though
Ive got a psp. To be honest I thought it would be an excellent thing to have at uni when im board as **** between lectures or if im on the plain/bus ect. but it turns out its really not as good as it sounds.
1. its big and clunky
2. it cant hold as much music and movies as you would like
3. Its just not small enuf to be "portable" in the sence that an ipod is because u cant fit it in ur pocket (without having a masive, square looking thing in ur pants).

Having said that though if you already have one and want to get some use from it id stay with the platinum games or cheapers games anyway.
Ive got:
GTA:Vice city stories - Doesnt give that same vice city feel but an interesting play if ur board or if u played the other GTA's
NeadForSpeed Most Wanted - ****
Vertua Tennis - I actually have to say that this is very entertaining, however playing against the computer all the time does make it a bit boaring after a while.

After those 3 i would suggest Loco Roco as well just because it is so completely different to anything else! get the free demo tho cus that basically gives you the whole experience in one level.

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