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    Sep 25, 2006
    TRF Regular Teh Mite recently had an article published in the Northampton Saints match day programme. We are now please to present this on TRF.

    With the exception of the Ashes victory sport has been put through the wringer as far as the headlines are concerned over the past few weeks. The art of timing is certainly interesting because as I’m writing this Sky News are showing reports of the violence between Millwall and West Ham fans at their Carling Cup tie. The previous night the news bulletins were dominated by the latest twist in the ‘Bloodgate’ saga. It’s got me to thinking. The running battles between the two sets of hooligans, and with the police, recalled similar scenes from the 1970s and 1980s, when football was far from being the sanitised, Sky Sports hyped mega-business that it is today. But at least the old school hooligans only fight with other thugs, away from built up areas and homes. While that's still not acceptable, at least they understand what they're doing and keep it to themselves. It seems that the new generation really don't give a monkeys and think giving anyone ‘who ain't one of them’ a smack is their way to gain 'respect'.

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