Queensland Team of The Century

Discussion in 'NRL / Southern Hemisphere' started by melon, Jun 13, 2008.

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    The rugby league Queensland Team of The Century was chosen on tuesday night in front of more than 1700 people at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

    I'm glad Lockyer was named in the team although he made the switch to five-eighth several seasons ago.

    Queensland Team of The Century

    1. Darren LOCKYER
    2. Cecil AYNSLEY
    3. Tom GORMAN
    4. Mal MENINGA
    5. Denis FLANNERY
    6. Wally LEWIS ©
    7. Allan LANGER
    8. Mick MADSEN
    9. Noel KELLY
    10. Duncan HALL
    11. Brian DAVIES
    12. Arthur BEETSON
    13. Bob LINDNER
    14. Jim CRAIG
    15. Duncan THOMPSON
    16. Gene MILES
    17. Herb STEINOHRT

    Coach: Wayne BENNETT
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  3. nam97

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    No Tallis, no team.
  4. QLD

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    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (wairarapa_cullen @ Jun 13 2008, 06:41 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
    Looking through old NRL threads here.

    How did Tallis not make the 100 greatest or QLD team of the century? Why is Beetson in the second row? Miles was unlucky not to get a starting spot.

    The biggest ommision was Kerry Boustead. He got in the top 100 players of the century but didn't get a spot on the wing? That guy was a freak.
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