Queensland vs Blues

Discussion in 'Super Rugby' started by QLD, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. QLD

    QLD Guest

    The Reds are such a disappointment. Going from lows to highs and highs to lows every week.
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  3. Wally

    Wally Guest

    First game I've got to watch from start to finish all season and they still look the same as last year, making the same dumb errors at critical times. Defiantly a game they should have won if this was ever going to be a good year for them. Is Will Chambers really that slow or do you think it was just bad positioning for that try to the Blues halfback?
  4. EPIC waste of $140, Will Chambers wtf, worst signing ever for the Reds. Some tosser sitting beside us was like "bring Chambers on!" then when he proved how cack he was the guy changed his mind and started giving him ****...
  5. Muzzy

    Muzzy Guest

    was so surprised with the Blues win, after the Reds thrashed the Crusaders the week before i thought the Blues were gonna lose for sure (rhyming not intended) and even more when the Reds were leading in the first half, maybe it was because of the wet weather the Reds couldn't play with their style, usually the case with aussie teams
  6. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Guest

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Muzzy @ Mar 1 2010, 08:29 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
    Actually, I thought it was the Blues who couldnt play their usual free-flowing style so they adapted.
    Luckily for us, the Reds couldnt.
  7. Muzzy

    Muzzy Guest

    i can't think of the last time any aussie team has beaten an NZ team in wet weather
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