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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by monkeypigeon, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. monkeypigeon

    monkeypigeon Guest

    Question for you all, For New Zealanders in particular. WQho do you think the second best in the world? Who do you thbk is most likely to cause a WC upset?
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  3. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    Ireland or Argentina!!!
  4. gjohn85

    gjohn85 Guest

    France, Argentina, SA or the Aussies
  5. fcukernaut

    fcukernaut Guest

    At this point in time I'm going to take NZ's 2nd XV as the #2 team in the world. But as for the third you have to go with Ireland. Could they beat the All Blacks? At this point no. They've played some fairly outstanding footy lately but they don't matchup too well apart from BOD and O'Connell. If you really forced my arm the team I'd give you would be Australia. Aussie has really been NZ's archilles heel in recent history. If there is one team they have trouble beating it's Aussie. But that's a stretch given to how they've played recently. The All Blacks are just too good, too fast, too defensivly complete and will obliterate you on any mistake you make. I don't think any team in the world has the talent to beat the All Blacks. I'll take that a step further and say I don't think anyone in the world has the talent to even give NZ a scare. And to be frank, I'm getting bored with these blowouts, I really am.
  6. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    It is Ireland and yes we can compete with the All Blacks but will inevitably lose most likely in a similar manner to the Summer tests rather than the tonkings they've dished out to England, France and Wales. The difference with Ireland is that we're able to compete with the All Blacks at the breakdown, but the big difference remains their counter attacking ability, which is just lethally efficient.

    Just a pity we didn't get that match this year at Lansdowne, would have been a fitting send off.
  7. DC

    DC Guest

    ireland withouta doubt, especially with thier recent form, and their play at the breakdown is superb.. i feel the back line starting to really gel and should they keep this up will easily win the 6N this coming year. Still though the speed of the blacks is just insane, they bust the ball out wide to their wings and they spread the field like no other.. just insanely talented.
  8. DanCarterite

    DanCarterite Guest

    If the RWC was in South Arfrica I'd put down the Saffies, but as it isn't Ireland are definately the number 2 team, they are certainly more competative and would probably make the AB's work harder for the win, but I really can't see them actually beating us at the moment. Same goes for Aussie.

    I have my doubts that we will win all our Tri-Nations matches next year, but I have very few doubts that we will win all our WRC games.
  9. ShowMe

    ShowMe Guest

    Id say ireland 2nd best ATM, although it looks like daylight 2nd to most others i know the rest of the world will catch up before the WC, but yeah currently ireland -they came close to beating the ABs down under at the beginning of the year and beat the other two trination teams in the past month. As for the WC, kiwis should know very well not to let the aussies out of sight and im still pickin france as a major threat...that said, lots of rugby to be played until then so things can still change.
  10. Rugby_Cymru

    Rugby_Cymru Guest

    Second best in the world?
    I'd probably say New Zealand...
  11. top gun

    top gun Guest

    Id still rate Aussie as the 2nd best team. They'll be dangerous as always at the World Cup
  12. I don't think so this time. Australia and South Africa are starting to fall behind. Argentina might be able to pull of an upset. I also disagree with fcukernaut, I think either France or Ireland on their day can give New Zealand a scare right now. Even in the second test NZ v France, if France had gotten one or two more tests under their belt and had a fit michalak, it might've been a different game. A few opportunities to score and narrow the margin were missed by the French, and come World Cup, I think we can trust them to hit hard. The only other emerging nation I see right now is Wales, and i believe the semi final teams are going to go something like NZ, France/Ireland, Ireland/France, Wales this time around.
  13. Ruckus

    Ruckus Guest

    At this point in time Ireland, followed closely by Argentina. You cant ignore Ireland's recent results, and los pumas will soon be a dominant force, consistently beating top sides home and away.
  14. InsaneAsylum

    InsaneAsylum Guest

    wallabies are playing well within themselves at the moment. this is creating false hope amongst the other nations, especially new zealand :p
  15. Shosholoza

    Shosholoza Guest

    :huh: Sadly if rugby was a game of "ifs" every team in the world would be champions. IF SA has all it's players (Schalk Burger, Victor Matfield, Os du Randt etc) and are at full strength come the WC then SA will in most likelihood be the team to give NZ a run for the money, if not beat them, and IF SA aren't at full strength then i'd put good money on the Irish.

    I love the fact that there are more competitive teams in the game now. Makes for more interesting world cup matches.
  16. Bull

    Bull Guest

    The Boks and Wallabies, they will be ready when the WC arrives. France will also put up a good challenge, they have an outstanding WC record.
  17. The OZs...... but hey, u guys forgetting that SA has kept their gold at home...
  18. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    At the moment definately Ireland- but as someone has rightly pointed out, a lot can still happen in 10 months time.

    Aus seems to leave their best for NH world cups(they have`nt lost one in the northern hemisphere to date) while a whole crop of Boks are currently injured or rested. France can never be discounted at home either- and home-ground advantage is a really big thing at the RWC.

    On the point of SA and Oz falling behind, just remember one thing- both teams left their best performance for their final test on tour, most likely because they eventually got used to the conditions. At the RWC, both will have a couple of "soft" games to get the confidence up and used to the conditions before going into the business end of the comp. in the knock-out stages.

    At the end of the day, it all comes down to 2 or 3 high-pressure must-win matches- whoever gets those right, will ultimately win the RWC- not necessarily the best team. If the best team won the RWC every time, NZ would now have 3 or 4 RWC titles, not just 1.
  19. O'Rothlain

    O'Rothlain Guest

    1. Ireland
    2. Argentina

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