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Hey guys!

First off I just want to say Hi to all those out there and I cant wait to get in on some good rugby disscussions. I have play our beloved game now for 13 years. I have played for the Toronto Nomads, Kingston Panthers and presently I am with the Halifax Tars. All clubs out of Canada. I have played in my time Hooker to Flank to Scrummy now back to tight head ( Im sure you can see coralation of positions with age lol hahahaha)

Anyways on to my question.

The club I play for now has had some stellar seasons as of late. constantly finshing in the provincial finals and winning too. Being promoted to the Aliant Premier League and watching as some of our more promising players move on to higher levels of play with much pride.

Now this season is a different story. We have been taking some very sound beatings (88-0, 98-13 for eg) and we are winless aswell. I think our only "hurddles" are psychological. The players really havent changed at all. So the question is has anyone ever encountered this before and can you give any guidence in the way to steps to over come this obstical.

welcome man, hope you stick around!

well the biggest psycological hurdle i have ever encountered was stepping back onto the pitch after returning from my broken arm.

basically what i did was i told myself not to think about it, play 100% with no fear of it happening again, it seemed to have worked out pretty well, 1 season later an no reaccurances!

what i would reccomend for your team is to not look at the backside of those wins sure you got beat by huge margins but im sure you guys played an excellent 15-20 minutes in there somewhere, what you want to do is focus on what you guys did well, and not so much on the negative aspects of your performance..

hope this helps

glad to see a new quality member!
how about the style of play? I know when my club's 1st XV was promoted into premier division we had a rough time. Cohesiveness was a factor, but also how were playing more one-dimensional old fashioned crash it up style. This year, we're more into a fluid style of game which still has the kinks that need to be hammered out, but it's making for a better record.

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