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Quins first away shirt ! for 150 years!



Harlequins fans are :ranting: after the premiership rulings demand premiership teams have and play in a home and away shirt ! Harlequins have not had any away kit in 150 years . The new kit is said to be white , purple , blue and another colour sticking to the quarters...

Although words cannot describe how gay that looks...
Bloody hell... thats.. well, terrible, will the front five wear that or have they got a loose shirt????
being serious, how are you supposed to take that off???

The same way you take off face-paint presumably. We're not talking about industrial strength stuff here.

Anyway, back on the actual subject - I thought Quins have had an alternative kit before? Or was that just a training shirt?
I don't like it. But then I don't like anything that breaks with tradition - bring back shirts with collars and letters on the back!

Is no one else sick to death of all these new strips trying so hard to be football shirts? Drives me bloody bonkers...
Maybe they should have had a biarritz style shirt, with the sleeves in quins colours and with halves on the front of the shirt.
being serious, how are you supposed to take that off??? [/b]

Sainsbury's Own Vodka. Bathe in it FTW :lol:

That picature is excellent nipple cripple territory.
The fact the league has enforced this is a bit ridiculous, I don't think fans are in any doubt who is playing who when Quins take to the field, but at least it's still quartered and in the club colours. I'd have released the home shirt with a white collar instead of black and called it the away shirt while simultaneously giving the interfering league bods the finger.

It seems the league is trying to move towards a definite light/dark arrangement for Premiership games. Many teams now don't play in their traditional colours anymore (Glaws, Bristol) and teams are wearing away jerseys in more and more matches unnecessarily (Tigers and Irish at Quins, Irish at Wasps, etc) and now Quins are having to change 150 years of history in case some people don't understand who's playing. :wacko:

I think England, looking like Wales/Arsenal this weekend in a game against France (in France) took the biscuit. And now their saying England will wear it in all next years away games as well? :wall: :wall: :wall:

What's wrong with sticking with tradition?
It's madness; rules for the sake of rules. I can't picture the rugby fan who sees Quins run out and isn't sure who they are (?) , and there seems to be no reason to force the club to break with tradition except the assertion of authority for its own sake. I wonder whether this is yet another aspect of the breakdown in relations between club and league.

To answer SaintsFan_Webby's question above, we had an alternative kit in the past but with no intention of ever wearing the thing; we were obliged to have one but never to play in it.
Its stupid nobody would ever get confused wiutht the strips but it does look ok but its definately body paint.

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