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Rainbow Six - Vegas


Goth Power

Anyone played it?

My mate downloaded it from Xbox live marketplace not long ago and it was such a kick ass game!

I am a big fan of Rainbow Six 3, I had RS 3, RS: Black Arrow, and RS Lockdown at one point but only 3 and Black Arrow remain in my collection.

The graphics where so crisp and the gameplay was fantastic. The RS series is back alive once again...!
Got the 360 demo from a mag i got the other day. It seems a bit easier to pick up and play. Will probably rent the full version first.
I saw the video of that level in the casino/hotel a few months back from e3 and it looked kinda interesting. might get the pc version when it comes out.
Hands down the best game i've played on the 360 so far.

Pity it's just a rental

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