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    PC - Taxi Driver Papaya Studios

    "Nominated for four Academy Awards, Taxi Driver remains one of the most iconoclastic films of our time. Compelling and powerful, the movie ensnares viewers in the seedy urban world of New York cabbie Travis Bickle, and we hope to do likewise with our game," said Ken Gold, vice president of Marketing for Majesco. "We look forward to developing a game that remains true to the spirit and style of the movie, and embodies a total entertainment experience."

    "We're excited to be working with Majesco on a game for Taxi Driver," stated Mark Caplan, Executive Director, Interactive, Sony Pictures Consumer Products. "We're confident they, together with Papaya Studio, will create a game that successfully makes the transition from film to the video game world."

    Confushes say "In futcha, when this game come out, it suck hard." He also reminds fellow IRCSpy/*REMOVED*py readers that "He who stands on toilet is high on pot." Thanks Confushes!

    X360 - X360's Opening Lineup Highlights Assorted

    Namco: Frame City Killer places gamers in the shoes of Crow, an assassin sent to locate and kill Khan - a terrorist who heads a new-age drug cartel. As a contract killer, players track and profile targets while employing various styles to perform a flawless hit. Frame City Killer promises a dark and gritty story with dynamic car chases and an wide array of methods to finish given assignments.

    Sega: The Xbox 360 will see two Sega titles: Condemned: Criminal Origins, a first-person shooter in which players track down a serial killer, and Full Auto, a vehicular combat game with explosions and shattering vehicles. Both games will be shown for the first time at E3.

    Rare: Rare's trademark game for the X360 will be Perfect Dark. The game will feature the adventures of Joanna Dark, a special agent that, at least in her first adventure on the Nintendo 64 back in 2000, fought on a near-future Earth that had been visited by an alien race known as the Maians. The new game will carry on the previous game's first-person-shooter style.

    Ubisoft: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 3 (working title) brings back the near-future squad-based action from the previous two installments. This time, the year is 2013, and the US Army has begun deploying the Integrated Warfighter System, high-tech bells and whistles that turn supersoldiers into super-duper-soldiers, capable of taking on a number of enemies solo. IWS soldiers are outfitted with advanced weapons and satellite communications devices like the cross-com, which updates soldiers on the status of their surroundings. Ubisoft, which the North Korean government accused of purposely depicting the country as a nuclear threat in Ghost Recon 2, chose the more innocuous location of Mexico City to stage GR3. It appears that the Ghosts will have their hands full as they try to "save the president of the United States, recover stolen nuclear codes, and eliminate a vicious band of renegade soldiers hell-bent on unleashing catastrophe."

    "But RR, no one has a X360 yet!" Ah, shut up.

    PC - Ghost Wars Digital Reality

    Hip Interactive today released information on its upcoming PC game Ghost Wars. The real-time strategy game is being developed by the creators of D-Day and Hegemonia, the Hungarian studio Digital Reality. Gamers can expect to tighten their bootstraps in early 2006.

    Ghost Wars is based around the elite Government Special Operations Group, and it will see soldiers taking on the toughest terrorists in top secret missions in a variety of locales. The game will feature air, land, and sea units, and each can be individually controlled.

    War games other than First Person Shooters are always welcome for a try in my book

    PC - Unreal Tournament 2007 Epic

    According to the devs, UT2007 is going to be a larger shift than UT2004 was from the original Unreal Tournament. Everything has been written from scratch with the highly popular Unreal Engine 3.0, new physics engine, and presumably brand-new netcode that takes advantage of stitching maps together and streaming information from the server to the client.

    Besides staggering character model complexity and colored lighting effects, there was displacement mapping, a feature that gives a completely flat surface the "illusion of protrusion," or a completely convincing appearance of complex bumps and curves, like a cobblestone path. The lighting includes dynamically moveable lights casting shadows in real-time--like a torch or lantern in someone's hand.

    They aren't completely throwing out the older gameplay, however. The team plays UT and UT2004 on a daily basis and are constantly going through community feedback to get a sense of what fans thought might have been lacking before. The two items that consistently float to the top are mobility and the ever-present problem of weapon balance. People like to get where they need to go relatively quickly (and are used to doing so in a shooter), and the large maps that dominate the popular Onslaught mode can make it difficult to get to the action efficiently.

    Nintendo's Revolution - [Console Hardware]
    Submitted by RaiseR RoofeR on 5/14/2005 11:43:13 AM 10 Comments

    "Nintendo is good and cute...and there's nothing wrong with that," says Robbie Bach, Microsoft's chief Xbox officer and senior vice president. "They'll be a competitor, but in a different category almost. I don't think they have the same ambition that either Sony or Microsoft does in the more mainstream interactive entertainment space."

    Bach's words were presumably based on Nintendo's long-standing policy that game consoles should be for games, period. This philosophy was at the core of the company's current-generation console, the GameCube, which uses a proprietary three-inch disc format, versus the DVDs used by the PlayStation 2 and the current and next-gen Xboxes.

    However, it appears that will soon change. In a statement on its official Web site, the company "stated loud and clear that [it is] not to be overlooked in the next-generation home console race." Nintendo announced that its new console, code-named the "Revolution," will play DVDs and be backward compatible. "Nintendo's legions of loyal fans will be happy to learn that Revolution will be backward compatible, playing both Nintendo GameCube three-inch discs, along with its own standard, double-layered DVD discs in the same self-loading media drive," said the company.

    Speaking of DVDs, Nintendo also mentioned that the Revolution "will be about the thickness of three standard DVD cases and only slightly longer." This would make it the Japanese game giant's smallest console to date, as well as making it barely larger than Sony's new slimline PS2, which is about two times as thick and about an inch-and-a-half longer than a DVD case. Like the PS2 and the Xbox 360, the new Revolution will be able to lie on its side or stand on one end for horizontal or vertical display.

    Unfortunately, Nintendo's statement, which appeared strategically timed to deflate some of the hype surrounding the Xbox 360's unveiling, had few other specific details. It reconfirmed details revealed in Nintendo president Satoru Iwata's 2005 Game Developers Conference keynote address. Namely, it reconfirmed that the Revolution will be "wireless Internet ready out of the box" and will be powered by an IBM CPU and an ATI GPU.

    That said, the statement concluded with a tantalizing tease for Nintendo fans. "There's much more to Revolution that will be revealed over the coming months," it read, "but the combination of its compact size, wireless Internet, backward compatibility, quick start-up time, and quiet, low-power operation add up to the start of a great game system."

    Nintendo also confirmed what has been long suspected...that the Revolution won't arrive until next year. The last line of the statement read, "Get ready for the Nintendo Revolution in 2006!"
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    At first I was 100% sure that I would either be buying a Microsoft or Sony console but I'm starting to come around to Nintendo again.
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    You have my pity...
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