Rappers Sue WWE & John Cena Over Cena's Theme Music

Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by steynboi, Oct 29, 2008.

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    TMZ.com is reporting that Jamal Grinnage, Eric Murray and Daryl Pittman (Lil' Fame, Billy Danze and Pittman from rap group M.O.P.) have filed a federal lawsuit against World Wrestling Entertainment and John Cena claiming that John Cena's song, "Time Is Now" borrows heavily from their hit song "Ante Up." The official court documents can be read here.

    In lawsuit claims that WWE's lawyers actually found somebody to sign off on the license who was only a receptionist and did not have authority to sign anything.

    The biggest point of actual musical contention is one non-English line, "BRRR Abado", that appears in the original song once, and in Cena's theme song three times. Grinnage and Murray are seeking for the destruction of Cena's theme song and $150,000 in damages from the defendants. It's possible WWE may have to stop selling any WWE DVDs featuring Cena's music and edit the music out of all footage they intend to broadcast in the future.

    No word yet from Cena or WWE.

    Source: TMZ.com

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  3. Fa'atau82

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    They are lucky to get way with that!
  4. steynboi

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    brrrrr abado! lol all that for nearly 200k lol.
  5. Cymro

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    Pile of ******** really!
  6. Bullitt

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    The way the WWF ceremoniously defend everything they have with their fleet of million dollar lawyers, these two may well end up with a lot of egg on their face.
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