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Discussion in 'Rugby Challenge Series' started by VaalBulls, Jun 7, 2016.

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    Hi Guys

    We are looking to expand our online tournament for South African players on PS4. We currently have 18 players that play in 2 Divisions, 1st Division is based on Super Rugby Teams, while the 2nd Division is based on the Currie Cup Teams. The top 2 winners from Div 2 plays the bottom 2 of Div 1 after both tournaments are concluded, giving the 2nd Div players the change to play in the 1st Div.

    We want to start a 3rd Div - This will be Custom clubs, players need to create a custom club team. The top 2 players will have the opportunity to compete against the bottom 2 of Div 2.

    We have a dedicated website where all the info and games are managed on. If you are interrested, please PM with your contact number so that we can add you to our whatsapp group.

    - 3 Games per week needs to be played.
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