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Mar 28, 2010
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In an effort to tidy up the forums, we've change the name of this section to International Test Matches

What to post in this section now?

  • Discuss forthcoming and past friendlies between international countries
  • Discuss autumn and summer internationals, June tours, end of year tours, etc.
What not to post in here:

  • General topics about who the best player in the world is
  • Changes to international coaches, training staff
  • Local leagues not covered elsewhere, post these in general rugby union
  • 6 Nations topics. During 6 Nations post in the featured forum, outside of tournie, post in general rugby
  • Rugby World Cup topics. During the cup post in featured forum, when it's not on, post in general rugby
For these ones, you should instead just post them in our General Rugby Union section :)

We will be moving old threads in to their correct sections over the next few months, so bear with us.
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