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RealAxis “Stained†to Launch on PC


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Jun 16, 2012
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A new side scrolling PC platformer action game by independent video game development studio RealAxis is set to launch this year. The game is set in 3D castle ruins and revolves around, interestingly enough, the breaking and reformation of stained glass. The stained glass was created by the last survivors of a Scourge and represents battle scenes viewed from different places in the castle.

As you wonder through the deserted castle, and break the stained glass, the pieces join to form Unique Stained Monsters. How the windows are broken play an instrumental role in the progression and complexity of the game.

The weapons you choose will dictate how the glass is broken, as well as how your enemies are fought. They can also be used to build bridges and platforms to help you achieve new levels. The game will release with 20 stages and, according to GameZone, a final boss battle arena.

The developers say Stained was created entirely with open-source software using Blender and Orgre3d, with the physics engine driven by Bullet. In this game, any victory is short-lived as enemy monsters can reform and even redevelop into whole new foes.

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