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Repmania 2015 (except bg8)


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Apr 12, 2011
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Leeds Rhinos
Its that time of the month again *****es, and I'm not talking red. I want that sweet green. Rep me *****es. All posters are welcome (except bg8) to come and share the rep with me. I deserve way more rep than anyone else. Its about time all you basic plebs come and pay tribute to king taji diouf. I'm a hall of famer, a legend, a prissy golden prince. You scratch my back. I can tell you're into me babes. It ain't mutual but ill accept the rep. Peace out sluts. Stay moist
Tadginator is the one man in my life who stepped up and acted as a father figure when BG8 ate my father when he tried to stop him punting kids. He's always taught me "with great power comes great responsibility" and taught me to stay moist always. Without him I was bound for the life of a gangbanger, just another statistic from tha hood.
Thanks to his dedication and belief in me I have a scholarship to play ball in the college of my dreams.
I love you coach. Now it's time TRF shows the love.
Despite consistently saying to the man "***** don't kill my vibe" BG8 continued to kill my vibe but on the third day it rose again. Why you ask? It wasn't because I celebrate February like it's my birthday or that I eat watermelon, chicken and kool-aid on weekdays or that I jump high enough to get Michael Jordan endorsements but because Tadginator gang banged with me. Stay Moist, live life, exclude BG8.
I sexually identify as TRF. Ever since I was a young I dreamed of trolling message boards and dropping hot sticky insults on those I deem beneath me. People say to me that being a website, ESPECIALLY a website like TRF is impossible, and that I'm f*cking challenged. I'm having a plastic surgeon install hate-speech, baby murder gifs, and unnecessary rage on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me xXx_PU33YS1AY0R.Anon_xXx and respect my right to insult minorities then practice internet vigilantism on the people who insult minorities. If you can't accept me you're a reasonable person and need to check your common sense privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.
This is the worst repmania yet. Where's the hype??? No hype = no







Aye, get the dicks out boys. Some serious elbow grease was put in to make it was almost painful to watch. 3 lads sitting in a room and crying for 12 straight minutes.
I was under the impression you were hired as Tadginator's hype man!

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If anyone reps BG8, I neg rep them
It's funny you say that because I have 2 dads........
amossy is a goddess. dont say a word against her ever again

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where are all the foreigners? this thread is becoming far too much of a leprechaun filled potato orgy
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Okay, I lied. I just didn't want to be bullied because I grew up in a house with a mother and a father. #votenotostraightmarriage