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Request for an image!!


Mr. Laxative


I'm looking at really going for something with my band (well, duo actually). Now as you know most gorups have a nice logo that they generally keep throughout their time performing bar a few minor changes. Well, here's your opportunity to show your creativity:

I would like someone to make me a graphic/logo. Our name is The Lams. Be creative, there ren't many guidelines - just make it simple. Colour? Green background, and maybe pale yellow or white for the text. Make the logo as square as possible and if you could make a large one and a small one which I could fit in my avatar.


[EDIT] Any queries, email me at [email protected]

But post the images here!!
What do you think?

gjohn, it's okay. But I really don't like that font... sorry, but I want something less obtrusive, probably in the top left corner. Just a more simple easy to read font in pale yellow, I'm thinking.

Also, the "roughness" of that green is cool, but maybe if you made it less rough or something???

So Basically:


Is how it should look in the top left corner, with "Lambs" somewhat bigger than "the" (oh and make "the" of the ***le all in lower case letters). And preferably no black backing, depending on how it looks.

Sorry for the hassle,

Gareth mate,

That's getting there. The green is near perfect, but you could probably make it a little less rough - still. Next "the Lambs". I'd prefer only the L to be in caps and I'd like a different font. You should receive a text template that I'd like you to use in an email soon!


This is really good and you'll get some major +reps once its done!!
Right, got the font & then had a crack at version 4;


Again, anything you want changed, let me know. BTW, what is your bands name, is it, 'the Lams' or is it, 'the Lambs'?
Um, it's 'The lams' - that was just a type-o in the doc ***le.

It's much better. Very good. But the font doesn't seem how I made it. Does your computer have: BernhardFasD (the) and Brush script MT (Lams)??? If you don't, maybe you could send me the backing template and I could give it a go.

Yes it is, I did give it a 'drop shadow' to make it stand out more. i can re-post the pic without this if you want me to
No, I mean the font is completely wrong. Usually when you don't have the font it'll show the name but won't have the fon't right and do a diferent one, because it can't recognise it. 'the' is just about right, but 'Lams' should be a cursive sort of font.

You can download the fonts from the microsoft site, i'm sure. Otherwise maybe send me the template and I'll finish it.
Can't get hold of those fonts. I will send you the background. You may be able to put the text in Paint, providing paint has those fonts.
hey gjohn, what is it with you and the superman crystal type background that you have on just about everything?
Some guy done some custom made brushes for photoshop, about 15 of them. I like the effect it gives to my backgrounds. Though, I think I should look for alternative effects.

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