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Research Project on smartphone applications for team engagement and fitness


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Aug 6, 2015
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Hi all, my name is Richard Dron, an MSc student at the University of Salford. As part of a project I am focussing on Online Ethnographic research as a way of gathering the opinions of real people. It would be very appreciated if any of you are able to spend take a few minutes helping me with my research.
We are in the process of developing an application within the university. It is designed to i). encourage fans and players to engage in friendly competition between themselves; ii). appeal to fans as an easy way to track their exercise against fellow fans and players; iii). maintain engagement between clubs and fans through the season and during the off-season; and iv). pull social-network and videos feeds from the club into the application interface, with the potential to switch between league and club feeds. We originally thought it would be used with Football (Soccer) clubs, but over time we have realised that it could be used in many sporting clubs.
My questions to you are:
1. Can you see how an application for your club could be used to increase your engagement with fellow fans, players, the club and the league in which you play?
2. Do you think you would make use of such an application?
3. Would it be useful to have an application to get news about the club and its community?
4. How comfortable are you to share opinions and data with your fellow fans and within a club?
I’ll take a first crack at it: I’m pretty into sport, and I am always interested in how other people compare on a fitness level. I already use a fitness application, FitBit. The friends that I have in clubs also enjoy sports, and in most cases I would be happy to compete with them to encourage me to be fit and further develop our friendships. I also am interested in the fitness of the players and what they do to make them better athletes. I also find that being a fan means that I want to hear the news about my team and club as quickly as possible, and to be involved in the discussion. I myself am pretty open and comfortable with people knowing about my sporting activity, and interested in the progress of others so would make use of application in a club.
Through this research it is hoped to steer development. It’s a great opportunity for you to start a debate and voice your opinion on how technology could be used to drive engagement in sports, teams and clubs which you are involved in. Remember that your responses can be kept strictly anonymous, unless you are willing when I am more than happy to cite your contribution.
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