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    Ok, i am back and ready to roll. I have been thinking a lot while i was away about these games as i have played other games in the EA series, like Fifa 04 as an example and i have kind of come to some ideas for the game.

    I think there needs to be some big changes here, if we are gonna get a decent mod project going. I think we all need to tighten up our game and work together to get one definitive functioning patch. We need specialists for certain parts of the project, and being away i have seen some modders start to be more creative. I think that's great, but it'd be better if we all focused it on one thing, which is basically a fully functioning mod of the game that is true to the original, but has some nice little touches added to it.

    For example, i thought of scrapping the representative teams (apart from B&I Lions) and adding the missing bigger club teams from around the SH, which could include, Blue Bulls, Western Province, Auckland, Wellington and maybe one other like SA or NZ club.

    So, can someone please let me know how far we have got with MUP 09?

    I would suggest that we keep up the amazing work we have done with faces. Some of them are incredibly good, but we need more diversity and if we can make facepacks, that'd be awesome.

    Also, i will work on some databases. I think as we cannot import players into a roster, it is better if we all agree on the teams in the game (the only ones to change will be the french Heineken Cup teams.

    So what this means is that i can compile a database that will have the editing data for every major/pro player who may likely be in the game, so it can be given correct stats, face, skills etc. We have enough fans around the globe to contribute this info.

    We can start in a months time, to get ready for the new season. What we need is communication and for modders to step-up and pull their weight on tasks. Many hands make light work.. and besides, most of the modding is done, it is just amendments to graphics and schedules really.

    Read my other new thread, and please respond with what you think. It's good to be back!
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