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review by the greatest one

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pt.1 - gameplay

got this game 2 weeks ago now...and i have to say...i still play it every damn day without the need of yawning..or "dam this games ****...im gonna go entertain myself by watching trees grow outta concrete"
there is never the need too becoz this game is pretty freaking awesome...my standards are very high too..yes i smoke the finest weed sraight outta california

graphics 8/10
sound 6/10
gameplay 8/10
longevity 7/10
multiplayer 25/10
overall 9/10

the only dissapointing thing is this game couldve easily been last years version and we would be happy as hell last year....knowing that future versions would get this new makeup...none the less its here and im happy

everyones got this game so..no need telling you what you already know but there is a need for me to tell you what needs to go on this great game for future versions

gameplay is still riddled with lil glitches,mistakes and what not..like that gap in the midfield appears from time to time and the new features like quick line outs and tap n go...need much more touching up
also quick option taking..remember in jlr when each face button was assigned an action during a penalty or 22mark?...like tap n go,punt..that shouldnt be hard to implement instead of the game stopping and bringing up that option menu

another new feature is offloads...awesome awesome awesome feature and they got it balanced out right so you cant just continually offload to gain metres(unless youre playing againts club level a.i or a spastic)..its balanced so that if ya dont time it properly it will result to an intercept..

thats great in all but how bout knocking the ball on once in while after an attempt?...the passing rating that players get should effect there offloads coz anyone can do it..but in reality there are a few players who can do it constantly and not force that many turnovers from it....tana umaga,brian o'driscoll etc

the move should also be functional at all time...scrap the xbutton pop up the move should be available at any time which also gives players full control of it...and also the idea of them using it properly and mastering the technique under different situations

the kicking is gorgeous!!!..i love it its awesome but i dont recall carter kicking 80metre punts for an 80 minute game...the health/stamina bar each player gets should effect each part of there skills..not just sprinting,but the less you have on ya bar the less effective your tackling is,or ya scrumming,or ya accuracy in lineouts or goal kicking and even punts

the scrums are pretty much bullshit..they need a better system to control it and to move it..they are a mess,practically the same as last years but with all the slight improvements you get with the gameplay you feel :rahh: with the scrum...
needs a bar or somewhat..not any button mashing tho but something else that can make you feel satisfied..becoz scrum are very important B)
also the halfback needs that option to pick and go on the edges of the pack

line outs are the same ol..but they should really use a numbers systems now,like you can add how many people to the lineout then you can execute..another gripe is the flankers?...they can become targets too and keep opponents guessing who ya gonna throw it too...

they need more moves from the lineout base...im talking crafty frontman throws where it will expose the opposing hooker in that 5metre of space to the touchline..moves like that to make the game more exciting
also throwng in doesnt require much skill at all..and it becomes a random event after a while when you figure out ya opponent in multiplayer..computer play is easy since you just have to time 5 seconds from when the opposing hooker twitches his hand and you know when he throws..

howabout...for the hooker..you know on basketball games when the freethrow option pops up they have a bar where you have to stop it a correct spot to get the ball in the hoop?..how about having that for the hooker? and while this is going on the lineout lifters and jumpers are doing there movements to confuse the opposing lineout..and once you hit a spot on ya bar depending on accuracy..you throw the ball in...make sense?..if it doesnt then youre stupid :p :p :p

rucks are very silly..i might add as it gets crowded alot an there is no real pick in go movement or any feel of "trench war fighting" for yardage around rucks..i watch real rugby and NO!!!..there are not 8 guys in a single ruck,there is usually 3 to 4 that contest the ball and once a the ref yells "ruck is formed" then no more players harass the ruck..its simple as building a house :wall:

foreal there should be none of this add more players to win rucks..thats silly once ruck is formed than the ball is untouchable to defenders...thats where my idea of the hustlerz come in..the number 7 and 6 and sometimes 8 fall in this catagory of thieves..
if u had richie mccaw,george smith etc tackle an opponent one on one then heres where button mashing comes in for rucks...once these great hustlers tackle you then there should be a dispute for the ball on the ground...the faster you tap the ball as the tackler then you either win that ball or the ref penalisers the opposer for 'not releasing'..where is all the opponent has to do is add players by tappin the button to gain players to push you off the ball carrier..and form the ruck..ruck formed then no more tappin for you or penalty and opposing team gets it..

rugby 06 rucks ruin the game in some cases..i mean you fill up the rucks and get like 4 players outside to attack with???...against like 10guys?...no thanx
also the fringes like i said earlier..there is no real pick in drive game becoz it becomes uncontrollable after a while..you should be able to have gud halfback darts and make actual good ground and the forwards should be able to form small mauls and there should be gang running...where 2 forwards latch behind a ball carrier from the ruck and push him for greater yards

defense!!!!!..the lines are still very dodgy..ive gotta another idea to,to have a rush defence added to the d-pad actions..too force turnovers or pressure from kick situations..but catch is the timing of pushing that button because if you mis-time it chances are you will get caught offside or the opponents can skip pass or kick over the heads of oncoming defenders to create overlaps or small gaps between fullback and d-line..its all logical

another addition is a pop kick..like a quick up n under..like carlos spencers little pop kicks that have short hangtime and are used to counter attack rush defences..those would be great too

i dont consider that half ass grubber kick to be a grubber kick too..its more like a chip kick and they still need working..they need too seperate chips kicks and grubbers..and grubbers need to have much more bounce

in general..gameplay is very solid and smooth..its balanced out very nicely and at times you with have to be tactical to win games...especially in multiplayer where this shines!!!...

nuff dat..next part will be dedicated to features..that is seriously lacking from this quality game
Great review there Chiro. its nice to see your intelligence coming through now and again :cheers: :bleh!: