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Richards joins the Not Nots



Im sure many of you will be as suprised as i was to see that Peter Richards has signed a three year deal taking him from Kingsholm to the Madjet , starting at the beginning of next season. A huge loss to Gloucester and what must be a huge gain to Irish
GUTTED. One of the main cogs that has made our season tick. Still, we've got a bit of season left yet!

Besides it looks like we've got our grubby mits on Gareth Cooper!

Still to me, Pete embodied the direction Gloucester should be moving through and through, and I can't wait to shout him on in the World Cup. If he gets a run he WILL turn things around for England.... Althouh Ellis isn't too shabby, Pete shades it for me with his openside-esque defence. He's haaaaardcore.
He should be in the line for a calup for the world cup, he's top quality...

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