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Discussion in 'RFU Championship / British-Irish Cup' started by gingergenius, Apr 19, 2008.

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    Today was a great day down at the Athletic Ground. Since going bust in 1999, we've battled our way up the local league system, starting out in London South West 4. We were promoted every year until we got to London 1, massing a record 40-something successive league victories. But in London 1 we've been stuck for a few seasons.

    This season we realised that all the teams getting promoted had some semi-pros. So we recruited. And Richmond 2007-8 has made it into the National Leagues. 3 weeks ago I was down at the away fixture against the Civil Service, ******* with rain and the players resembling that famous picture of the Lions. There, amongst a huge number of fights and cards we emerged victorious, continuing our 100% league record for the season and confirming promotion. Last week we lost by a point away at Worthing, but this week, our final game of the season, 71-7 vs Old Albanians. Awesome day of rugby, Richmond conceeded 7 points with the kickoff taking place before the team had even left the dressing room and Albanians walking it under the posts. From then on, a parade of experimental rugby, fantastic to watch.

    Respect to all the lads, player of the season Owen Gregory and skipper Matt Hart. Hopefully one day we'll be back where we should be in the upper echelons of the national leagues.
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  3. Fa'atau82

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    Hear Hear!

    Can't help but think Richmond should be where Leeds Carnegie are today. I supported Richmond as a kid for some reason, probably after i played them and scored a great try. mwahahahaha
  4. Congrats, see you next season hopefully.
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