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Ricky Gervais live...



So i went to see Ricky Gervais, currently doing his FAME tour, live in Cardiff last night.
The man had me in utter stitches for the entire time he was up there.
Contraversial jokes about cancer, religion and AIDS, with some intelligent observations.

He was hillarious.
Has anyone else seen him on this live tour?
Wait til the dvd comes out, it's hillarious.

Plus, he has an absolutely AMAAZING entrance.
Always preferred Gervais' sitcoms to his stand-up, funny though it is.

However, I never like to properly judge a comedian before seeing them live. Never get the same effect seeing them on TV as you do actaully being surrounded by a live audience.
Only ever seen Politics and Animals on DVD, were preety good, although no match for his TV Shows and his podcasts/XFM Radio Shows. Heard he may be coming to Aussie/NZ possibly on this tour though?
Just finished watching Animals again. Wished I'd looked at getting tickets now, for some reason I always underate his stand-up.

Probably because I love things like The Office and Extras, his live shows just get pushed to the back of my mind.
I'm glad you said that. I mean Gervais is a natural comedian, with a great talent and considering (barr aa few shows as preparation) that Animals was his first ever stand up act i think the man has done exceptionally well.
I am a fan of all of his work.
There's nothing of his that i don't like.
Thought I might as well go the whole hog and watch Politics while I was at it.

Still very good, but I think I actually prefer Animals.

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