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Ricky Stuart dumped as coach



ricky stuart has been dropped from the rosters coaching staff. his last game is on sunday.

he will still coach the kangaroos though
had been talked about last few weeks in various places in the media. simply hasn't done the job over the last few years especially. some replacmenets mentioned are john lang dainel anderson and the current assiant coach shane flaggan
Ricky Stuart deserves better, and thank god he can escape that rorting scum going forward

u cant expect results with Morley/Wing/Mini/Cross/Harrison injured/suspended for a good chunk of the season

the young boys he has brough up the ranks and progressing very well for experience of less than 10 games

The roosters could find themselves in the pre 2000 trap again.......where they hired n fired coaches left right n centre until Gould came....until that time that had minimal success

If they think the next coach can take them to semi-finals in 2 years they are mistaken........losing Cross and Morley isnt a good start, and that wasnt Rickys fault, but managements allocation of salary cap, in which is obviously lopsided to the overrated Anasta

It takes time and patience.......re-building can take up to 3-5 years

Anyways i feel for Ricky, but at the same time.........am ready to sit back and watch the sub 7000 attendance mope around the junction, as the fan base disappears for another decade.

Come back to the capital Ricky........assistant or Recruiter......ur always welcome back to the land of greener pastures!!!!!
Edit - put in in perpective - the recently appointed national coach, has just been sacked from club coaching........its like dropping Joey Johns from Newcaslte after he steared the blues to SOO glory...........chuck Richie McCaw on the bench in NPC, but let him captain the AB's...........tell me if i appear confused........coz i'll oblige and confirm that is the deadset truth. :blink: :wacko:
Rough decision on Ricky, he did a lot for the club and they let him down with a lot of bad decisions in player signings (Cross, Morley and now Wing looking doubtful). I'm a little concerned about the future to be honest, as I really did think he was a good coach...
However, the news that we might be getting Bennett is quite welcome, that guy knows the game better than most.