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rico gear and the haka



why does rico lead/start the haka when he is playing for the all blacks sometimes?
is it because he studied maori culture at university or for some other reason, it just always struck me.
Because he actually is Maori?

And ever since Umaga retired, him and Hayman seemed to be the only ones who could really lead it.
If his features didn't get you maybe the Maori tat on his arm will:)
Carl Hayman also happens to have Maori blood. I believe Umaga is the only person of non-Maori lineage to ever lead the Haka.
Because Umaga is a respected leader on and off the field not only for new zealand but for maori. And because he was the captain it was only right he lead the haka
I don't think being capt makes you the Haka leader. Hosea Gear wasn't the capt for the Jnr ABs was he? And neither has McCaw led a haka.
I don't think being capt makes you the Haka leader. Hosea Gear wasn't the capt for the Jnr ABs was he? And neither has McCaw led a haka.

Who do you want leading the haka then... Graham Henry??
No being captain doesn't mean you automatically get the responsibility of leading the haka. Its more based on a persons heritage if they're Maori they usually lead it but Umaga is Samoan and lead the haka and he lead it with great pride and honour.

Richie McCaw has lead the haka before I can remember because his pronounciation wasn't the greatest but still did it very well.
McCaw is the captain of AllBlacks and he is one of the brightest persons in the NZ rugby, I think he is "familiar" enough with amazing Maori culture and does lead Haka with sense
Otherwise Tana Umaga was I think the best in Haka
He was is and will be the best ever player for me :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :lol2tn: :lol2tn:
Doesn't Mealamu lead the hacka at the moment?

I think Piri Weepu led the NZ Maori haka...
every kid learn maori culture in schools these days, visits to the marae etc.

so regardless if you're a pakeha or maori, i think it's part of being a kiwi.

therefore, it's not the captain nor the most full blooded maori who leads the haka in my opinion, it's just an agreement amongst the all blacks for someone to take the lead in the haka. probably the loudest and most passionate member of the team.

i always thought carlos spencer did it very well.
From memory Tana and Piri were the best leaders of the Haka, as well as Zinzan (think he lead it a few times).
To add to that, I always quite enjoyed Hakas lead by Spencer and Randell. [/b]

Ah yes the King Carlos. He always led the Haka with great passion and technique.
This is the Tane Randell one which has always stuck in my mind

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Can't find the original version

Edit: Yes I can

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Just found this haka on youtube, really sends shivers down my spine :p


Btw how do you put the video straight onto the post, instead of inserting a link? I can't figure it out, same which only quote part of peoples posts, instead of their whole post.
I can remember Buck Shelford leading the haka because he taught the team how to pronounce the words and do the actions properly instead of just going out there for formalities.

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