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  1. The Bill Beaumont Cup

    Right you lot....any of your pitiful little counties able to take Lancashire's title? Sorry I coudn't be more use with where these fixtures are taking place. If anyone has a link feel free to chip in.

    Bill Beaumont Cup
    May 5: North: Lancashire v Cheshire, Yorkshire v North Midlands. South: Gloucestershire v Hertfordshire,
    Devon v Middlesex

    May 12: North: North Midlands v Lancashire, Yorkshire v Cheshire. South: Gloucestershire v Middlesex, Hertfordshire v Devon

    May 19: North: Cheshire v North Midlands, Lancashire v Yorkshire. South: Devon v Gloucestershire, Middlesex v Hertfordshire

    May 28: Twickenham final

    There is also the shield and plate competitions :

    County Championship Shield
    May 5: North: Northumberland v Cumbria, Notts Lincs & Derbys v Warwickshire. South: Oxfordshire v Surrey, Somerset v Cornwall

    May 12: North: Cumbria v Warwickshire, Notts Lincs & Derbys v Northumberland. South: Oxfordshire v Cornwall, Surrey v Somerset

    May 19: North: Cumbria v Notts Lincs & Derbys, Warwickshire v Northumberland. South: Cornwall v Surrey, Somerset v Oxfordshire

    May 27: Final

    County Championship Plate

    April 28: Pool 1: Essex v Staffordshire, Leicestershire v Durham. Pool 2: Sussex v Buckinghamshire, Hampshire v Dorset & Wilts. Pool 3: Eastern Counties v East Midlands, Kent v Berkshire.

    May 5: Pool 1: Durham v Essex, Staffordshire v Leicestershire. Pool 2: Dorset & Wilts v Buckinghamshire, Hampshire v Sussex. Pool 3: East Midlands v Berkshire, Eastern Counties v Kent.

    May 12: Pool 1: Durham v Staffordshire, Essex v Leicestershire. Pool 2: Dorset & Wilts v Sussex, Buckinghamshire v Hampshire. Pool 3: Berkshire v Eastern Counties, Kent v East Midlands.

    May 19: Semi-finals

    May 27: Final

    There is some experimental rules being tried out too :

    *The maul can be pulled down without penalty, players may break away and be bound in front of the ball-carrier and joining a maul from behind the back foot will be strictly enforced

    *If the ball is passed or taken back into the 22 and kicked into touch, the lineout is in line with where the ball was kicked

    *Entering the breakdown ‘through the gate’ will be rigidly enforced, a tackled player must play the ball immediately and must not be prevented doing so by any player off their feet.
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  3. PeeJay

    PeeJay Guest

    Come on Cheshire!
  4. Lancs game against Cheshire is at Fylde up near Blackpool....The East Midlands game is at Moseley. Don't know where the Yorkshire game is. Can't find anything on the web (Well done RFU...that's how to promote a tournament!).

    I think people she get into this competition....the grass roots shouldn't just be cast aside in favour of the big franchises.
  5. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    Come On Dorset & Wilts!!!
  6. Would the Hampshire game be the big derby for you. Obviously we look to the Yorkshire game.

    Ah grassroots rugger...There were loads of Waterloo boys in last year's win over Devon. Great way to cap the great season, see J-Lo, Cakes, Freeman et al lifting a trophy at Twickenham (empty though it was).
  7. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    Oh yeah massive rivalry, played at junior level for Dorset & Wilts... Great fun...

    Got sent off in one game for them...
  8. I am really getting into this now....hope it's a big success for them.
  9. PeeJay

    PeeJay Guest

    In some ways I wish I wasn't at uni while this is on. I'd would be really up for going to Cheshire's games, but on the other hand, I'd rather go and watch the Scarlets than Cheshire :D
  10. Yeah club is bounf to come first but the grass-roots county game is good fun. There's life outside the professionals.
  11. Go go go East Midlands. With my second team being Berkshire.

    Any idea where you can get information on squads?
  12. I was talking to Charlie about this....I can't even find the venues and kick-off times online. If the RFU want it to work that need to get the info out there 'cause the traditional media don't seem to give rugby, and lower league rugby, any coverage at all.

    The finals were on Sky last season though so kudos to them...don't know if they are doing it again this time round.
  13. gjohn85

    gjohn85 Guest

    Go Hertfordshire. Don't know why though... I suppose I like to be different.

    It will be interesting how these experimental rules go.
  14. From the RememberWakefield National League 2 Forum

    Northern Pool Competition
    Saturday 5th May 2007 KO 3.00pm @ Fylde RFC
    Lancashire versus Cheshire
    Saturday 5th May 2007 KO 2.30pm @ Doncaster
    Yorkshire versus North Midlands
    Saturday 12th May 2007 KO 3.00pm @ Moseley
    North Midlands versus Lancashire
    Saturday 12th May 2007 KO 3.00pm @ Doncaster
    Yorkshire versus Cheshire
    19th May 2007 KO 3.00pm @ Macclesfield
    Cheshire versus North Midlands
    19th May 2007 KO 3.00pm @ Sedgeley Park RUFC
    Lancashire versus Yorkshire

    Southern Pool Competition
    Saturday 5th May 2007 KO 3.00pm @ TBC
    Devon versus Middlesex
    Saturday 5th May 2007 KO 3.00pm @ TBC
    Gloucestershire versus Hertfordshire
    Saturday 12th May 2007 KO 3.00pm @ TBC
    Gloucestershire versus Middlesex
    Saturday 12th May 2007 KO 3.00pm @ TBC
    Hertfordshire versus Devon
    19th May 2007 KO 3.00pm @ TBC
    Devon versus Gloucestershire
    19th May 2007 KO 3.00pm @ TBC
    Middlesex versus Hertfordshire

    Cornwall's Shield Games

    May 5th vs Somerset (A) at Bridgewater & Albion
    May 12th vs Oxfordshire (A) at Chinnor
    May 19th vs SURREY (H) at Camborne

    Eastern Counties fixtures

    28 Apr 07 - East Midlands (Norwich RFC) 3pm
    05 May 07 - Kent (Cambridge RFC) 3pm
    12 May 07 - Berkshire (away) 3pm

    That's all I've got at present.
  15. Lancashire 27-17 Yorkshire

    For the third year in succession the only thing that stood between Yorkshire and a visit to Twickenham was the "Old Enemy" Lancashire. To be brutally honest on this occasion Lancashire well deserved their win, although the fact that Yorkshire had to make ten changes to the published team cannot have helped their cause.

    Lancashire came out all guns blazing against a Yorkshire side that looked overwhelmed by the occasion and found themselves 27-3 down at half time. Their only point coming from a Tom Rhodes penalty.

    The second half did at least see Yorkshire restore some respectability to the scoreline as they managed fourteen unanswered points including tries from debutant Leeds Tykes centre Luther Burrell and Hull Ionians back-rower Richard Wigham. In the end, and although they had the upper hand, time ran out for the Tykes and it is Lancashire who will compete for the inaugural Bill Beaumont Cup against Devon.

    Wohoooooo! Same final as last year.

    Don't know who's competing in the other finals.
  16. St Day 3

    St Day 3 Guest

    It kills me to see where the mighty county of mine, Cornwall has sunk over the past veiw years.
    Cornwall once played Austalia in the olympics and now look at us. :(
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