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Rising South Star Being Paid Not To Play In Super



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Rising south star being paid not to play in Super 14
21 October 2005 

Promising Southland and New Zealand Colts prop Jamie Mackintosh will not be lining up in the 2006 Super 14.

Mackintosh was tipped to be named as the Highlanders' fourth prop when the squads are announced on October 28.

But after consultation with New Zealand Rugby Union officials, his scrum coach Mike Cron, All Black assistant coach Steve Hansen and Highlanders coach Greg Cooper, the 20-year-old has been advised to take a year off from the Super 14 to enhance his long-term career prospects.

The NZRU is trying to cut down the amount of rugby its age-group players are having to play in an attempt to restrict the high injury rate.

Mackintosh will remain aligned with the NZRU on a junior retainer contract and will also spend a large amount of time in the Highlanders set-up but will not take any part on the field during the competition.

His withdrawal from a possible Super 14 selection also meant he would be able to give his troublesome shoulder injury, which ruled him out of the entire NPC, extra time to recover.

Mackintosh said yesterday he was gutted when he was told the NZRU didn't want him to play in the Super 14 but now realised he would benefit in the long run.

"I was definitely disappointed. I was keen to go up there with the older guys like Clarkey (Clarke Dermody). I felt like I was ready mentally and physically to step up but I realise now it's probably going to be good for later on," he said.

Hansen met the young Southland prop when the Stags played Bay of Plenty in Invercargill and discussed with him being ruled out of Super 14 selection.

Having the advice coming from the All Black management was assuring, Mackintosh said.

Hansen also advised Mackintosh his decision to extend his contract with Southland was a good one and wouldn't hinder his chances for higher honours in the future.

The Woodlands club player said the current Rugby Southland set-up was a big factor for him staying.[/b]

Probably for the best, he should be a big star in a few years and its good to see the NZRFU not rushing people into the spotlight.
Nothing untill the start of club rugby I guess, which starts around May for most clubs. Perhaps a few games of tiddly winks.
yeah nothing really until club rugby starts. until then guess he is stuck training with highlaners etc. Proabbly a good move long term especially if he has a shoulder injury. Also he is still young and he will get his chance soon enough. no point in stuffing up his career by risking his shoulder at super 14 level if hes not ready. good to see that the nzrfu will stay pay him something and are concerned about his welfare

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