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The Autumn internationals gave us some good rugby, but there's still a lot of shite out there.

Teh Mite reckons the Saffer/Arg ping-pong can be cured by repealing the law on passing back in to the 22. But the breakdown advantage given to defenders is the thing that slows the attack and allows brick wall defence out wide. That defence makes ponderous teams fearful of risking their possession in midfield, because the counter-attack on a turnover will wipe out all their penalty kick points in ten seconds - especially if their midfield attack is made up of pussies like JDV/Olivier/Jacobs/Fourie/Tait/Hipkiss/Name any England centre/Anyone but BOD.

Anyway, wise-ish words from Andrew, and I guess a hint of how things will turn out for RWC 11.

England will be a force, but I wonder how they're going to attract the deserting crowds!
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Rob Andrew warns rugby law changes may drive away fans
Andrew said there were widespread worries in the game Rob Andrew has warned fans could be turned off by the way the laws of the game are being interpreted.

The Rugby Football Union's director of elite rugby believes the way the laws are being applied is reducing entertainment for spectators.

"I'm concerned crowds will decline unless changes are made. I think we're seeing it already," Andrew said.

"You just have to ask people in the game - some coaches say they're turning the TV off when watching games."

Andrew added that newly-introduced law variations make teams fearful of taking the ball into contact, with the result they are kicking for territory too often.

606: DEBATE Crowds will drop off soon due to the poor standard of rugby being played, well done IRB you've managed to destroy a growing sport, give yourselves a pat on the back
HERSH"There is a concern within the game. Now you're better off without the ball than with it, which isn't what rugby should strive for," he said.

"The risk in keeping the ball in hand is too large. There are some fascinating stats from this year's Tri Nations, showing how little time South Africa had the ball yet they won the tournament.

"In one match against New Zealand they made the lowest number of team passes in any Tri Nations match ever, yet still won.

"The New Zealand scrum-half made more than that on his own."

But the IRB says it will not consider any law changes before the next World Cup, in New Zealand in 2011.

Martyn Thomas, the chairman of the RFU's management board, said English rugby was lucky to have extremely dedicated fans, but their support should not be taken for granted.

"We want to make sure they've left saying they've watched a great game of rugby and I'm concerned that's not going to happen," he said.

"We're all in agreement that the spectacle of the game has changed and that's a concern.

"There's data to suggest that spectators are not comfortable with what's going on. Hopefully sense will prevail if attendances dive and the spectacle is not what it should be. Clearly the IRB have to look at that."[/b]



Passing the buck as usual. Maybe that silly ******** should watch the club game where crowd numbers are ever-rising.

He should look a little closer to home for the reason certain teams are playing such horrible rugby.

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