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ROG as capitan?



now this is one id honestly like to see. its obviusly been proven that POC isnt captain material (IMO) without BOD ireland lack leadership. i think rog will fit this secondary captain role perfectly. look hes a big game player and it would get rid of the wrangle for deciding to kick penalties i really think this one for steady eddie to consider hmmm
Since Easterby is such a favourite of Eddie's I'd imagine he'd be next in line. O'Connell should be a natural but it just doesn't seem to be a role he's suited to.
ROG has a nasty side. Knows how to win matches. But gets "upset" when the Munster pack is being bossed - cheeks go radioactive red, and he whiiiiiinges. If BOD is out, he'll make a good point-taking captain - but without BOD ... none of it really matters.
I Second the nomiation of Hays...
and that's a serious comment outside of my stated devotion to him. He's been there for a long time, he's strong, usually level-headed...if there is a display like the Italy match, level-headedness is needed.

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