Romania v Portugal

Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by nosferatu, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. nosferatu

    nosferatu Guest

    The Romanian team for this game:

    , 7. Alexandru Manta, 6. Alexandru Tudori, 5. Cristian Petre, 4. Cosmin Ratiu, 3. Bogdan Balan, 2. Razvan Mavdorin, 1. Cezar Popescu
    16. Marius Tincu, 17. Paulica Ion, 18. Sorin Socol, 19. Florin Corodeanu, 20. Lucian Sirbu, 21. Florin Vlaicu, 22. Gabriel Brezoianu

    There are seven changes from the XV of the previous two games, with maybe our best players(Tincu, Socol, Corodeanu) being rested for the All Blacks event.
    It will be interesting to see how Dumbrava(a converted fullback) performs at fly half. In his day, he's a more than reliable kicker, but his inclusion is unlikely to bring any change in our crash&bash, forward oriented, style. Especially against Portugal :D

    My prediction - as 11(of 12..) times before, we will win this one, comfortably - Romania by 10+, taking also the try bonus point.
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  3. P0IS0N

    P0IS0N Guest

    I don't see any problem for our team. We were just as good as italy, if not better, and we've beaten portugal too many times before not to do it again. Hai Romania!
  4. bruno

    bruno Guest

    Romania wasn't that much better than Portugal. The won because of their strong forward pack, which caused us a lot of problems in scrums and in mauls. Their ball handling was very clumsy, to say the least. I prefer our style of play, even if we lost. We should have based our strategy in quick passes between our backs, instead of kicking the ball to our wingers all the time.

    Anyway, I hope to see our team again in the tournament. I'm proud of them. :)
  5. nosferatu

    nosferatu Guest

    Let's put it this way..
    Our backs suck! (what a shock.. even more than yours :rolleyes: )
    So much that, in play, our forwards pretend to not even know them (and can you blame them for that?).
    Now, these forwards smacked you around half of the park (you rarely visited the other..) for 80'. And, if not for their handling errors, they would have scored a few times more. If not for these errors, you wouldn't have had your try, nor seen much of the ball. Join me in praising our forwards! :p

    Seriously, I have to congratulate Portugal for their fighting spirit and stubborn defense! You've gained my sympathy.
  6. lado

    lado Guest

    That's the main problem with all European tier-2 teams Rominia, Portugal, Georgia. Good forwards, Backs -- not so good :( . Most of the tries are made by the forwards (Pushing maul into the in goal).
  7. bruno

    bruno Guest

    During 40 min, yes I agree :p Our team did very well in the first half, though. The 2nd half was disappointing. Romania managed to push through with their forwards, and we made lots of mistakes.

    Congratulations to Romania for their victory in a well fought match :)
  8. Ruggerboy

    Ruggerboy Guest

    None of the teams played at its best, mainly because of the schedules and lack of time to rest between matches. The Portuguese didn't have 4 of their first team players on field due to injuries, three of them being fowards, and Captain. However, rugby games are won in the last minutes by the better team.
  9. Ruggerboy

    Ruggerboy Guest

    That may be true for some countries, but I can assure you that Portugal has a better back line than the teams you've mentioned and we showed that in the RWC with a very attractive attacking game.
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