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Round 11. Chiefs v W Force



The Chiefs after a close victory against the Highlanders take on the Western Force who were beaten pretty convincingly by the Crusaders last week.
The Chiefs still have injury concerns and the Force just have concerns.
I thought the Crusaders game was going to be close, maybe this game might be a bit closer for the Force.
A must win match for the Chiefs, they need to kick the Force while they are down.
I'm going with the Chiefs in this one.
Masaga and Sivivatu to score some more tries
I dont know if the Force can comeback from that demoralising loss to the Saders.

CHIEFS by 12.
I wish!

Force will have regrouped for this one for sure.

The Chiefs defence last week was pretty shitful out wide, Kahui's out for a bit, Mils still isn't in the picture... Lauki moments of brilliance are negated by the fact that he's fat, lazy and has no defence... and worst of all with Kahui out that means the promising combination of Kelleher, Donald (although not that promising), Ta'auso, Kahui, Masaga, Kinikinilau and Sivi is going to be replaced with Lavea at 12 which just negates the whole backline - Shithouse.
15 Sitiveni Sivivatu, 14 Lelia Masaga, 13 Dwayne Sweeney, 12 Tasesa Lavea, 11 Roy Kinikinilau, 10 Stephen Donald, 9 Byron Kelleher; 8 Sione Lauaki, 7 Tanerau Latimer, 6 Liam Messam, 5 Keith Robinson, 4 Jono Gibbes ©, 3 Nathan White, 2 Tom Willis, 1 Aled de Malmanche. Reserves: 16 Simms Davison, 17 Ben Castle, 18 Kristian Ormsby, 19 Steven Bates, 20 Brendon Leonard, 21 Tane Tu'ipulotu, 22 Jared Payne.

Not looking good for the Chiefs, looks like their backline has been crippeled at 12.
this will be tough...if giteau gets revd up..good bye lavea and donald..

if anything it will come down to the breakdown and the quickness of the ball...force should keep ball in hand..f*** kicking it to sivivatu,kinikinilau and especially masaga(who got torched by waqueseduadua lastweek hahaha)...get the ball in giteaus hand and let him control the game..if this becomes a scrap for ball..then expect the chiefs to win...a close one

..and when is mills coming back?
By the sounds of things Chiro he's still a long way off.

Not looking good for the Chiefs in my opionion, not just the PROBLEM at 12 but have a look at the bench, not much happening in the back department... any injuries and where screwed.

Great oppurtunity for the Force, expect to see Ryan run all over Lavea.
Where's your sense of loyalty Dumbo??

I hope Lavea plays well against Giteau. Hope he repays the faith shown to him by the coaches.
(Hope he plays so well, Waikato offer him a contract for the NPC)
It's still there but only just.
It's just the midfield combination of Lavea and Sweeney dosen't really seem to cut it at this level.
I'd be stoked if it was Kelleher, Donald, Ta'auso, Kahui, Masaga, Kinikinilau and Sivi as thin without Mils that's a hell of a line up.

Watch the game and keep an eye out for Lavea... he's playing 2nd5 and not running at the line or picking any gaps, he's still in 1st5 mode, sorry average 1st5 mode.

If the Chiefs are going to win this (and I hope they do) it will be based on the efforts of the forwards (don't think the Truth would agree but or mine the Cheifs forward pack has the acendancey here) and getting the ball out wide as fast as possible.

My biggest concern is the Chiefs defence in the midfield. That and Lavea.
Giteau back at 10 just disappointing that Staniforth isn't the 12.

Drew Mitchell; Digby Ioane, Ryan Cross, Junior Pelesasa, Cameron Shepherd; Matt Giteau, Chris OÃ'¿Young; Scott fava, Matt Hodgson, Richard Brown; Nathan Sharpe (captain), Rudi Vedelago; A.J. Whalley, Tai McIsaac, Gareth Hardy. Replacements: Luke Holmes, Troy Takiari, David Pusey, Luke Doherty, Jon McGrath, James Hilgendorf, Scott Staniforth.[/b]
(don't think the Truth would agree but or mine the Cheifs forward pack has the acendancey here)

Actually i totally agree with you but there's not that much in it. I just hope our pigs can provide enough quality ball for our backs because thats where i believe we have the edge.

It's really a must win game for the Force. If we lose this match without a bonus point the Chiefs will overtake us o the ladder :huh: and thats just sad considering the year they've had.

In other news:

O'Young released to Glasgow
By Wayne Smith

April 11, 2007 WESTERN Force has released halfback Chris O'Young to allow him to join the Glasgow Warriors at the end of the Super 14.

O'Young, who started against the Crusaders last Saturday, has spent four seasons as understudy first to Chris Whitaker at New South Wales and then to Matt Henjak in Perth.

Force and Australia back Scott Staniforth has meanwhile delayed until next week the decision to remain with Force or take a big-money, three-year deal in Japan.[/b]


All i can say is that we better bloody well sign Luke Burgess in the off-season.

If Staniforth leaves i'll never forgive John Mitchell, all the man wants is a decent contract and to play in his prefered position @12..... make it happen!.

Chiefs at home must start favorites.

I expect a huge game from Gitz.

C'MON FORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Force are lucky the Chiefs are down with injuries. Otherwise the Chiefs would be HUGE favourites for this match.

If the Force are to beat the Chiefs, now is the time!
Oh behalf of all brumbies fans beat the western force thanks. :)

:lol: I was wishing the same last week , hoping that the tahs would knock off the brumbies.....and i hate the tahs!!!

Truth - I believe Western Force actually increased their portion for staniforth......it was actually the ARU that reduced their contract to staniforth......probably to pay for timana tahu for them waratah kunts. :ranting: :ranting:
Sorry to be stupid but does that mean O'Youngs out? out of the super 14 next season?
The Force are lucky the Chiefs are down with injuries. Otherwise the Chiefs would be HUGE favourites for this match.

Get ya hand off it mimic

Force are also missing their fair share of players.... had all our players been 100% fit - Staniforth,Henjak,Cannon,Pocock and Scott would most likely be in our starting 15.

Haj - to be fair, after the RWC this year the Wallabies dont really need Staniforth.... they really need to start blooding a centre to take over from Mortlock for 2011.

Sorry to be stupid but does that mean O'Youngs out? out of the super 14 next season?


He'll be playing for Glasgow next year.

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