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Round 12: Stormers v Blues



The Stormers after getting beaten by the Bulls last week take on the Blues who got beaten by the Sharks.
Great chance for the Stormers to take this one out, with going down to the Sharks last week and without pivotal Luke McAlister sitting in the 12 jersey, plus travelling to Bokland it’s up hill for the Blues.
Will be interesting to see the squad selection for the Blues as I think the performance from all players last week (excluding Kevi and Holewll) there may be a few changes which could indicate a bit of panic in the Blues... time will tell.
I don't think the Blues will panic.

You have to keep in mind that if those dodgy tries weren't awarded, the Blues could've won.

Maybe now Nucifora will finally start all his All Blacks.
No mate - there was only one (hand in the ruck when Flavell was passing back to Nacewa).

You'd expect the Blues to take this but the Sharks have shown how to unsettle them (plus ball handling skills for the Blues last week cost them the game, plus tactics plus just plain out stupidity).

The Stormers forward pack me thinks will be looking forward to this game... if the Blues are shaken they'll most probably rearrange their backline and if you see Devine, Holwell, Nacewa and Toe'va at 9, 10, 12 and 13... then I think the Blues are starting to feel the pressure.
I guess you could blame the weather for their ball handling, and the Blues being the Blues still passed the ball around showing no respect for the wet conditions.

You didn't think the pass was forward in the first try?

If anything, you'd probably see Atiga replaced at the back.
Hope not, seen the game three times (for some reason they just keep playing it).
For mine... still only one.
It sure was forward...by a long shot!

This road trip for the Blues will make or break them. Now we will see what the team is really made of.
Let bygones be bygones, the match is over now and theres nothing anyone can do about it.
Hhhhmmmm guys there has been some occasions this season when the Blues have had some decisions go their way and has resulted in them winning that is rugby. The main point is that you should never allow a match to be that close that you need to rely on border line calls to influence the result.

The Sharks on that particular night had the edge over the Blues the whole game so I think it was deserved. Normally the Kiwi sides have the edge and in most cases the whole blade over SA sides.

Boys take it on the chin!! You hardly lose so I suppose it makes it alot harder to accept.
Wrt the tries that was or wasn`t- as the former Bok legend of the 30`s, Boy Louw, used to say: " Reads about it in tomorrow`s paper!" I can think of quite a few debatable calls of late- Pert in 2005- Habana`s 2nd try came from a helluva knock at the base of the ruck by Du Preez, and then of course Meleamu`s Tri-Nations clinching try against the Boks in 2005 had more than just a hint of truck-and-trailer. And let`s not get started on Hore`s try in Rustenburg last year, demoted to a mere effort for Rod`s interference- and still debated around the rugby world to this date. But they all stood- or didn`t, so there`s no changing it.

Anyway, Fester`s been talking about the game-plan on Superrugby, and he`s come up with a stunning idea- copy the Sharks, kick the ball long, and moving up in a defensive line. Brilliant! kick the ball straight down the throat of the best attacking side from broken play in this year`s S14. Almost like his game-plan against the Saders- make 200+ tackles, and hope to score from turnovers( read- intercepts). Almost as good- don`t contest against the best side at retaining and recycling possession. Are you sure this guy`s not on the NZRU`s payroll?

If the Stormers` light 5 can come to the party and generally harrass the Blues pack, if JDV can score his standard intercept or 2- and it could be possible against the Blues` virtual touch-rugby style of offloading, if Peter Grant slots all of his kicks, if the jet-lag factor proves to be too much for the Blues, and if the Stormers ignore the brilliant tactical genius of their coach and keep the effing ball in hand, they could just do it.

But that`s a helluva lot of ifs, and I for one am not too hopeful.
Isnt the Stormers due for a win this week??? :(

I hope we can reverse that trend and win this one so we can cement our position for a home semi final spot.

Blues by 8.
My comment about the suspect tries wasn't meant to mean that we should've won, but just a fact that the Blues could've won, even though they played poorly, and that there was no need for them to panic as the match was a tight one.

They've learnt a lot from the experience, and its only good they got the lesson now rather than in the semis.

I'd hope the Blues win this one, but the Stormers are just like the Hurricanes. Blow one way one week, and blow the other way the other. You just don't know.
Hows about we lend you's a decent 5/8, Stephen Brett needs some game time. :bleh!:

Blues by 1 :rolleyes:
Stephen Brett should go to the Chiefs and take over from Steven Donald next year.

I think the Blues will be really determined for this game more than ever......as determined as the Blues against Natal back in the '96 round robin match over there. This game means a hell of a lot to the Blues this season so expect to see a very commited and determined Blues regardless of jet lag.