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Round 14: Highlanders v Brumbies



The Brumbies play the Highlanders and must win (also they will have to hope that two of the Blues, Bulls and Chiefs lose for them to sneak into the top four).
After beating the Crusaders last week they should be able to get through this game with no problems.
highlanders can't make the semis but they could spoil the brumbies hopes of making the the top 4. brumbies I think will have too much class and motivation in the end to win this one but the highlanders will put up a massive fight.
Highlanders at home are always a tough ask. If the right Brumbies turn up they will win.
In any normal circumstances I would tip the Brumbies. These aren't normal circumstances however. The Brumbies have never won in Dunedin and what's more they have a lot of pressure on their shoulders. The Highlanders who are out of the race don't really have this pressure, however they would certainly like to maintain some respectablility. The Brumbies will welcome back Al Campbell, which will be a huge boost, but nonetheless they just need to lift. Lift higher than the Crusaders game. If they really want to send Gregan, Larkham and Paul out winners then they've got to win. They know they can do, but there are a lot of doubters. GO THE BRUMBIES!!!!

Oh, and remember if the Brumbies get third we're still in he race for a home grand final!! Just beat the Sharks (we've done that this year) or the Crusaders (done that too) depending on results and there we go. If we get the Crusaders in the semis we're gonna need a miracle... the Crusaders have never lost a semi final!!! Oh dear!
The Brumbies have never won in Dunedin [/b]

:huh: wow interesting. The same thing goes to the Waratahs who have never won in Wellington. GO THE HIGHLANDERS!!!...and HURRICANES!!!

1 Nic Henderson
2 Jeremy Paul
3 Guy Shepherdson
4 Adam Wallace-Harrison
5 Mark Chisholm
6 Jone Tawake
7 George Smith
8 Stephen Hoiles

9 George Gregan
10 Stephen Larkham
11 Mark Gerrard
12 Gene Fairbanks
13 Stirling Mortlock
14 Adam Ashley-Cooper
15 Julian Huxley

16 Saia Faingaa
17 Salesi Ma’afu
18 Alister Campbell
19 Julian Salvi
20 Patrick Phibbs
21 Peter Playford
22 Francis Fainifo

Good looking side that.

Still no sign of Rathbone but the inclusion of Campbell must be a huge boost ahead of the finals.

Fingers crossed for a bonus point win.
I'm tipping the Brumbies to win this one. They have one of the best defence in the tournament and Gregan & Larkham are firing on all cylinders....add the return of Mortlock and they have a very good chance of winning with bonus points.

Brumbies by 7.
Rathbone isn't missed too much these days. It's a good Brumbies side as usual just still wonder about Fairbanks in attack.
Rathbone is still a tremendous talent and if he were not injured would certainly be in the side. We have sufficient cover, but if he played we would get a huge boost. His size and speed is amazing. It's something we've been lacking on the right wing for most of this season.
Highlanders all the way.

Brumbies won't be able to compete up front, their scrum is going to be owned by the highlanders.

Highlanders in a close one... think the Highlanders will destroy the Brumbies front row, who if they do make the semis will be without their front row and therefore.... losers.
Ownage! Highlanders no match for the mighty Brumbies, fell away in the 2nd half but got what we needed. Now cmon you Reds.
I bet all the other teams are fearing facing the Brumbies, they beat a team ranked 9th by 19 points, what a statement.
Well, aren't the Brumbies on a winning streak?

Looks like they'll have to continue it next year.. With no Larkham, Gregan or Paul. Good luck!
Phibbs, Huxley, Fai'anga, Lealifaano, Luke Holmes, there's plenty of cover.
brumbies will have issues next year for sure and maybe even finish down where the reds and waratahs were this year. perhaps it could be brumbies reds waratahs in the bottom 3 next year? we will have to find out I guess. in the meantime the brumbies are currently in 4th and now need the reds to do them a favour.
I bet all the other teams are fearing facing the Brumbies, they beat a team ranked 9th by 19 points, what a statement.

I'm sure the Sharks are devestated they'll have to play the Blues (a team they just raped away from home a couple of weeks ago) rather than the form team of the comp who gave them their only loss at home for the season. :rolleyes:


The Brumbies will still be in finals contention next year. They have good enough replacements...

2.S.Faingaa (maybe Polota-Nau(W))

10.Huxley(W- this year)

W= wallaby

What weakness do you see in that team?
Yes - Winning by 6 points - with Two Tries even the South Africans said were dodgy at best - What a raping the Sharks dished out to us.

Oh and I see some weaknesses. That Front Row is begging to be pushed back and that backline barring Gerrad and Mortlock is prone for a good caning.