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Round 3: Sharks v Highlanders



This looks like a one sided story… the Sharks really have deserved to be on top of the ladder, great defence (although their attack at times… well you just have to wonder).
The Highlanders although trying their asses of are not playing well, last week was a comedy of errors that could have seem them clench the game many times.

Got to go for the Sharks by at least 10
When are the Sharks getting Frederik Michelak, then?
I've heard the rumours...
15 Craig Clare
14 Lucky Mulipola
13 Matthew Saunders
12 Callum Bruce
11 Greg Zampach
10 Charlie Hore
9 Jimmy Cowan
8 Craig Newby
7 Josh Blackie ©
6 Hoani MacDonald
5 James Ryan
4 Kane Thompson
3 Clarke Dermody
2 Jason Macdonald
1 Chris King.
16 David Hall
17 Keith Cameron
18 Ezra Taylor
19 Alando Soakai
20 Toby Morland
21 Jason Kawau
22 Willie Rickards.
if the highlanders had evans it might be a different story. sharks though should win this one fairly easily I think by at ;east 13. michelak joins the sharks in june from what I have heard.
Michalak will be joining the Sharks only after the World Cup- he`s still hoping to displace Sklera and Beauxis for the World Cup, from what I`ve heard.

Word is that Butch James and John Smit are being rested- with Frans Steyn moving into 10, and Bismarck Du Plessis starting at 2. Haven`t seen the official Sharks line-up, but the biggest threat for the Sharks is under-estimating the opposition.

That said, it`s a class pack, their defence is pretty solid(although with a better body-position in the tackle, it could be even better), and Percy is kicking the goals, so they should win this one on a canter. Only problem is their attack, which has lacked imagination- with Steyn at 10, maybe there`ll be more attacking intent and vision.
It will be interesting to see Bob skinstad play again.

I thought he played pretty well in the WP XV vs World XV in a crackerjack of a game last year. (*you remember THAT pop pass right? *).

I don't know why but I hope he proves a lot of people wrong and shows that he has matured in comparison to the person he was before, and also that he manages to play like a king again.