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Round 3:Stormers v Brumbies

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discuss discuss....brumbies coming off 2 successful away trips
if they win this one then im sure they will be ten times as strong at home and pushing for that number 1 spot on top of the table
Big game this - with both normal hookers out some 29-year old no namer gets a run as will Faiangaa.

Despite this we should win a tough game and be back to dominate the cats in canberra!
I hope Smith stays at 7, he was amazing last week. Hopefully Larkham doesn't put up those bombs or if he does hopefully he gets them more accurate.
yep and tawake at 8 and heenan at 6.

I'd like to see samo back on the bench but I don't think he's even over there.
Is he even in our squad, I would have thought he would be at least on the bench at the start of the season.
Yeah, he is but apparently Adam W-H is better - just give DK a go and we'll be wishing we didn't drop him last season!
JDV is back this weekend as is Marius Joubert after a very long lay off though he may just go back into Vodacom CUp to get his feet wet.

Anyways, JDV should tighen up the midfield a little and add a little flavour to our attack. One thing that concerns me is we haven't scored a try in the 2nd half this year boys need to pick the pace up in the 2nd half that is what cost us against the Tahs.

And it is about time Werner Greef ****** to the NH, he just can't hack it anymore, if he puts up one more useless up & under I will go insane!
Speak of the devil hes back to add some more power to our backline. Most likely he will take the reserve halfback spot so I guess Giteau to cover halfback. Samo could play in the backs if needed too.

BRUMBIES: Adam Ashley-Cooper; Clyde Rathbone, Stirling Mortlock (captain), Matt Giteau, Mark Gerrard; Stephen Larkham, George Gregan; Jone Tawake, George Smith, Daniel Heenan; Mark Chisholm, Alister Campbell; Guy Shepherdson, James McCormack, Bill Young. Replavements: Adam Wallace-Harrison, Nic Henderson, Julian Salvi or Patrick Phibbs, Gene Fairbanks, Joel Wilson, Radike Samo, Saia Faingaa.

Vodacom Stormers:

15 Werner Greeff, 14 Rayno Benjamin, 13 Jean De Villiers, 12 De Wet Barry (captain), 11 Jongi Nokwe, 10 Peter Grant, 9 Bolla Conradie, 8 Adri Badenhorst, 7 Schalk Boof Burger, 6 Luke Watson, 5 Andries Bekker, 4 Ross Skeate, 3 Eddie Andrews, 2 Schalk Brits, 1 JD Moller.

Replacements: 16 Hanyani Shimange, 17 Neil Fullard, 18 Henk Eksteen, 19 Justin Melck, 20 Neil De Kock, 21 Naas Olivier, 22 Gus Theron
Seems like both outside centers are coming in with an injury cloud. Both likely to play though.
Game has started.

I never knew Gerard has such a good punt. But then this is an Aussie team.............they all know how to punt.

Man that Stormers No14 is quick! He also roams a bit.

3 nil so far to the Stormers
9-3 to the stormers

neither team can string 3 phases together because Steve Walsh wont get his stupid head off the telly

He's completely ruining this game and his 2m interpretation of the advantage rule is ridiculous.

I wanna watch RUGBY not Steve 'the poser' Walsh.
Originally posted by Gay-Guy@Feb 25 2006, 05:17 AM
I never knew Gerard has such a good punt.
I knew he was a good kick but i had no idea he was this big a kick

He must have really worked on it pre-season because his kicking so far this year( especially last week) has been massive.
Gee Rathbone should have had a go at the corner. If he had scored that try it would have added to his anti Rathbone campaign lol! That was a great run indeed!
Game ends 15-15 Brumbies score 2 tries Stormers score 0000000000000000

Brumbies should have won that game Stormers never looked like scoring a try, but they had the ref on there side.

reminds me of the Brumbies v Bulls last week, the ref handing out penalties like they were All Blacks jerseys :p
I feel its a fair result in the end. Even though yet another SA team has gone try less the Stormers did threaten the line and if their handling was better they could have scored a few. Brumbies weren't as good this week compared to last week but good on them for hanging in there.
The Brumbies loved using that midfield move where they miss pass a few then pass back inside. I am surprised that the Stormers had no answer for it. Fantastic second try they scored when they used that move again.

Trust the Aussies to have the brains for these slick Brumbies moves.
And ain't it great seeing Gerrard and Rathbone back on the wings. These two were brillant in 04 and once again they are brillant in 06.
Again I think it necessary for the use of bonus points in a draw. If one team scores more tries than the other in a draw that team should get a bonus point - just to give them more an advantage for attacking rugby.