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Round 3: Stormers v Chiefs



The battle for bottom of the ladder…

Both teams have failed to win a game but the Chiefs have a few bonus points that keep them slightly ahead of the Stormers. Thus far it looks to me that the Chiefs have been scoring a few more points though than the Stormers.

But this could be a good chance for the Stormers to get some points and win their first game for the season, the Chiefs will have a long flight and not a lot of time to acclimatise to conditions in the Cape.
So far it has been a surprisingly poor showing from the Stormers who I’m sure will be seeing this game as a great opportunity.

The Chiefs have lost Jono Gibbs and Anesi to injury (Kelleher, Sivivatu and Miliena to the AB’s) so are looking somewhat depleted.
After losing to the Brumbies and the Hurricanes by small margins they will be looking to seal a win and will be looking at the Stormers as their best shot.

For the Chiefs there is a margin of hope as the lose forward combination of Messem, Holar and Bates seem to be doing OK, Willis has been playing well in the front row (although last week he could throw a f&*king ball in straight if he tried) and the locks seem to be holding up there end as well.

The backs have been average but this is due to Stephen ‘wait till we ship you off to Auckland’ Donald has lost all sense of positional play and forgotten what a 1st5 should be doing (I think he may have caught something from Lavea…) but players like Ta'auso and Masaga are playing extremely well and will be a handful for the Stormers defence.

I’m going with the Chiefs but still think this could be the Stormers best chance to seal a victory (same for the Chiefs for that matter).

Sounds like loose forward Joe van Niekerk is out for the Stormers with injury.
Yup thats pretty much it.
Still no return of Robinson and Kahui... Gibbs out... THANK F&*K LAVEA IS STILL OUT.

Still the Chiefs have only lost the last two games by small amounts whilst the Stormers just seem to be in Lah Lah land.
Mm, not feeling at all confident about the Chiefs but at least the Stormers seem to be fairly average at the moment. Ah well, my Sky lackingness means I won't be getting up and watch what will probably be a reasonably ass game.
15.Dwayne Sweeney, 14.Lelia Masaga, 13.Niva Ta'auso, 12.Tane Tu'ipulotu, 11.Roy Kinikinilau, 10.Stephen Donald, 9.Jamie Nutbrown, 8.Liam Messam, 7.Tanerau Latimer, 6.Steven Bates (captain), 5.Kristian Ormsby, 4.Toby Lynn, 3.Ben Castle, 2.Tom Willis, 1.Simms Davison.

Substitutes: Aled de Malmanche, Nathan White, Andrew van der Heidjen, Marty Holah, Brendon Leonard, Murray Williams, Anthony Tahana.

Chiefs bench Holah in favour of latimar

Head to Head:
15 Conrad Jantjes
14 Breyton Paulse
13 Corne Uys
12 Jean de Villiers
11 Dylan des Fountain
10 Peter Grant
9 JP Joubert
8 Robbie Diack
7 Schalk Burger
6 Luke Watson ©
5 Andries Bekker
4 Gerrie Britz
3 Brock Harris
2 Tiaan Liebenberg
1 JD Moller.
16 Schalk Brits
17 Eddie Andrews
18 Schalk Ferreira
19 Francois van der Merwe
20 Justin Melck
21 Bolla Conradie
22 Brent Russell.

15 Dwayne Sweeney
14 Lelia Masaga
13 Niva Ta'auso
12 Tane Tu'ipulotu
11 Roy Kinikinilau
10 Stephen Donald
9 Jamie Nutbrown
8 Liam Messam
7 Tanerau Latimer
6 Steven Bates ©
5 Toby Lynn
4 Kristian Ormsby
3 Ben Castle
2 Tom Willis
1 Simms Davison.
16 Aled de Malmanche
17 Nathan White
18 Andrew van der Heidjen
19 Marty Holah
20 Brendon Leonard
21 Murray Williams
22 Anthony Tahana.
On the 'positive' drugs there JJ?
Haha, definitely.

I dunno, it's just been a disappointing start to the season really.

And posting just before midnight on Valentines Day isn't a very good sign either. Haha.
chiefs look pretty dangerous if they can ram home their chances

hopefully this week they will click as a unit
chiefs without gibbes are simply not the same. they are also missing their ab stars and anesi. can't see them wining this one especially in south africa. stormers by 7 in the worst match of the round
Definately the game of the week-end- NOT!

The 2 early pace-setters for the wooden spoon come up against each other- and going on current form, it could just end up 0-3 to the Chiefs. Note: if Lavea was fit and available, I`d have gone for 0-0!

Not too much to get excited about, but at least the Stormers have made 1 or 2 positive changes- notably at 2 and 3, with not-so-steady Eddie and Schalk outside-centre Brits not able to butcher the scrums and 50% of the line-out throws, at least not in the 1st half anyway.

On a positive note for the Stormers, Robbie Diack starting at 8, a youngster I really rate, also Peter Grant is a much better option than Olivier at 10, much more vision on the field, but would still like Russell at 10. Big Francois vd Merwe is at least in the match-22, although he should have started, and Conrad Jantjies is in his preferred position, although I would`ve given Aplon a go on the wing. Dylan Des Fountain is a big and powerful oke, ex-Paarl Gym boy, very skillful, but actually a 13 more than a wing.

Also look out for JP Joubert, ex-Framesby High boykie, hoping he`ll keep up the good name of my alma mater!

In the end, I reckon that the Chiefs will have the edge in this one, although the Stormers should give a much better performance than last week- but then again, anything is better than the dross served up by the Stormers in rounds 1 and 2.
Chiefs without Anesi and the Stormers without Alpon means both these teams should be much improved on last weeks performances.

I'm going for the Chiefs, i think they'll just have to much firepower for the Stormers.
Oh my God, Stephen Donald sucks so bad. In fact I haven't seen a performance that awful even from Lavea at his worst. Now the Chiefs can boast 2 of the worst flyhalfs in NZ rugby. Good selection there. From what I could see this guy just about handed over the game all on his own.
Apart from that a lot of the team were guilty of pushing passes that you couldn't even call 50/50.
So much for the game plan calling for "smart" play this week. The chiefs played incredibly dumb against a craptastic stormers side, how many times do you enter a ruck from the side before it sinks in that you're not allowed.
Simms Davison is a penalty magnet the guy has poor discipline and is more trouble than he is worth.
Bates had a strong game, but it was a repeat of the Nonu try last week when he chucked a stinker straight to de Villiers.
All in all a frustrating game again which once again they should have won easily. Bloody useless. I can't believe I'm going to say this but bring back Lavea and dump dumbass Donald.
Wasn't the most pretty of games, but I'm just glad the Stormers finally have a win, hell I'm just glad they finally got some tries on the board.

The ref to me was a complete bloody idiot though, I said Bullshit before Schalk could even think to mutter the words. He just ignored some blatant forward passes, penalised Schalk when he wasn't the one doing anything wrong, and then later sent him off for basically being trapped under a maul :huh:
:bana: :bana: :bana: :bana: :bana: :bana: :bana: :bana: :bana:

In the words of the immortal Corne and Twakkie- "I couldn`t believe it- believe it, `cause it`s true!"

No, certainly not the prettiest of games, certainly not a vintage performance, but I`ll happily take the win, thank you very much. Them changes certainly helped a lot, but a couple more is necessary. Not too sure if this is the corner turned, but I`ll live in hope from here on forward.

Lastly, it`s a pity that the Province jerseys was just a once-off, would love to see the Stormers playing in the traditional kit.
hahahah poor chiefs....LOL @ "Now the Chiefs can boast 2 of the worst flyhalfs in NZ rugby"

OH MY..this could become reality if donald doesnt pick up his game...this has been his poorest effort in a season yet..still young but meh..poor fella