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Round 4: Chiefs v Reds

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this is a real toughy...reds coming off a solid game and chiefs coming off a victory and stringing a few of there new backline players together

should be a very good game to watch...the fastest back 3 combo in the comp vs latham,mitchell and young veratau..im backing the chiefs but this could go either way

for me tho..chiefs 34 - 15
"This could go either way" but you think the Chiefs will win by 20.............and "this could be a real big blow out to the brumbies" but you pick the Brumbies to win by 3

are you feeling ok CHIRO?

Connors, Barnes ruled out of Chiefs clash

Barnes won't play this weekend Tuesday, 28 February 2006

Rookie flyhalf Berrick Barnes and veteran lock Mark Connors have been ruled out of the QR Queensland Reds squad for Friday night's match against the Chiefs in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Both players suffered bruised ribs in the Blues match last weekend but are hopeful of being fit for the home game against the Force next week.

The injuries have forced coach Jeff Miller to make changes to the team, with Ole Avei coming in to cover for Connors and Steve Kefu in for Berrick Barnes.

Avei will start on the bench with Tom McVerry moving into the No. 6 jersey. James Horwill also starts on the bench giving Cameron Treloar his first run-on start in Super 14.

Kefu will start on the bench with Lloyd Johansson moving into starting line-up at inside centre and Elton Flatley starting at flyhalf.

Prop Anthony Mathison has been brought into the 22 for Tom Court, who was always going to miss the Chiefs match in order to play a full match for Qld A against NSW A this Friday night.

Greg Holmes has been cleared to play.

Outside centre Julian Huxley doesn't think the backline change will hamper the team's efforts.

"We have a 100+ capper in Elton Flatley to step into the flyhalf position, a current Wallaby in Lloyd Johansson to slot into the centres and Steve Kefu with 50 caps coming onto the bench. I can't see it being a problem."

The team flies out to Hamilton tomorrow.

The team is:

1 Greg Holmes

2 Stephen Moore

3 Rodney Blake

4 Cameron Treloar

5 Hugh McMeniman

6 Tom McVerry

7 David Croft (vc)

8 Mitchell Chapman

9 Sam Cordingley

10 Elton Flatley

11 Drew Mitchell

12 Lloyd Johansson

13 Julian Huxley

14 Henari Veratau

15 Chris Latham ©

16 Sean Hardman

17 Anthony Mathison

18 James Horwill

19 Ole Avei

20 Josh Valentine

21 Steve Kefu

22 Caleb Brown

A couple of big losses for the Reds there............whats that now 4 or 5 starters injured? Brumbies are the only Aussie team that haven't been hit big by injuries yet.

They would have a quality team if they had Tune,Roe,Conners,Barnes etc...all fit

I cant really see them winning without Barnes, the kid is a freak..... future superstar no doubt, they looked too flat when he came off last week....big loss..

.... but at least we get to Johansson in the starting line-up and Flately is not a bad replacement at 10

Anyone know when Tune is due back from injury?? ...surely cant be long now.
Chiefs Starting 15:
1 Deacon Manu
2 Tom Willis
3 Ben Castle
4 Jono Gibbes ©
5 Bernie Upton
6 Steven Bates
7 Marty Holah
8 Sione Lauaki
9 Byron Kelleher
10 Stephen Donald
11 Sitiveni Sivivatu
12 Sam Tuitupou
13 Mark Ranby
14 Sosene Anesi
15 Mils Muliaina
Reds should win this. I remember in 2004 when they had their backs on the ropes and beat a Chiefs team that was coming off a couple of good victories. If they don't I'll eat my foot.
Well the Chiefs have Donald :lol: ...............you better score tries.
Lovely cheerleaders in Brisbane ! Beats those hammer heads from Waikato!

Seriously, it`s a tough call to say who`s going to win. Chiefs benefit of home ground advantage! Reds are perhaps better on away games and they really show some quality rugga, not like the dissapointment Chiefs!

C`mon you Reds! :bravo:
Originally posted by umosay@Mar 1 2006, 08:35 PM
Your kidding yourself if you think that reds team > chiefs team on paper.
Maybe not the current injury ravaged line up, but our first XV would be a bit better than the Chief's equivalent. On paper. On the day we'd eat that paper and take two massive dumps on both Lauaki and Kelleher.

1. Greg Holmes
2. Stephen Moore
3. Rodney Blake
4. Mark Connors
5. Hugh McMeniman
6. Mark Chapman
7. David Croft
8. John Roe
9. Sam Cordingley
10. Berrick Barnes
11. Ben Tune
12. Elton Flatley
13. Lloyd Johansson
14. Drew Mitchell
15. Chris Latham

16. Sean Hardman
17. Anthony Mathison
18. Cameron Treloar
19. Tom McVerry
20. Josh Valentine
21. Julian Huxley
22. Steve Kefu

****er, what?
im loving this...sam "the slam" tuitupou vs johansson...

now dont get me wrong sam gets smacked around like any other 5ft 8,80 kg centre...and hes not scraed to meet brute force head on..

sam is gonna smash up ya midfield and im hoping he duz in johansson big time...sam is the deliverer of pain..and if pain persist..johansson will be needing a docter right aftre that game
I'm a fan of slammin' Sam, but Johansson is like a fcuking run away freight train when he gets going - you don't get too many 108kg centres that can move like he does. It will be a good battle.
it will be....ill be watching especially as both have that tendency to bump off runners and more so 'slam' offenders into the ground
These boys look like they're struggling to hold on.

pffft...wudnt be the case if sammy was playing..infact the whole sammy goin to the chiefs thing is the case for the lack of blues fluidity in the backline..he is the advantage line breaker in the backline..he runs the angles no one else dares to and he draws in the defenders to a backline ruck thus opening the outside trio..as proven for years for the auckland blues/npc

and...sammys not scared...he body slammed brad thorne,greg somerville and rueben thorn on there backsides in the same game in the crusaders v blues game 03...also has an ownage card on tana umaga after side stepping him then on defence smashing him in the gut the forcing the looseball knock on in the trials the year before...

johansson still a baby...we will see how big his diapers fill with **** after sam explodes one of his shoulders in his gut
Originally posted by Wally@Mar 2 2006, 12:34 AM
I'm a fan of slammin' Sam, but Johansson is like a fcuking run away freight train when he gets going - you don't get too many 108kg centres that can move like he does. It will be a good battle.
You don't get many small guys like Tuitupou putting in 7-8 huge hits a game, genuine big hits not just tackles... if you saw the force game you would agree, tui > johanson
Yes, I know this has been posted already but this is a better format to see who's vs who...

Chiefs: 1 - Deacon Manu, 2 - Tom Willis, 3 - Ben Castle, 4 - Jono Gibbes (Captain), 5 - Bernie Upton, 6 - Steven Bates, 7 - Marty Holah, 8 - Sione Lauaki, 9 - Byron Kelleher, 10 - Stephen Donald, 11 - Sitiveni Sivivatu, 12 - Sam Tuitupou, 13 - Mark Ranby, 14 - Sosene Anesi, 15 - Mils Muliaina.

Reserves: 16 - Aleki Lutui, 17 - Simms Davison, 18 - Sean Hohneck, 19 - Kristian Ormsby, 20 - Jamie Nutbrown, 21 - Loki Crichton, 22 - Lelia Masaga.

Reds: 1 - Greg Holmes, 2 - Stephen Moore, 3 - Rodney Blake, 4 - Cameron Treloar, 5 - Hugh McMeniman, 6 - Tom McVerry, 7 - David Croft, 8 - Mitchell Chapman, 9 - Sam Cordingly, 10 - Elton Flatley, 11 - Drew Mitchell, 12 - Lloyd Johansson, 13 - Julian Huxley, 14 - Henari Veratau, 15 - Chris Latham (Captain).

Reserves: 16 - Sean Hardman, 17 - Anthony Mathison, 18 - James Horwill, 19 - Ole Avei, 20 - Josh Valentine, 21 - Steve Kefu, 22 - Caleb Brown.

I'm going chiefs on this one (7 big names), they have the names while the Reds have got three (although the Chiefs have got Donald so that should minus at least two or three of the Chiefs big names).
Fingers crossed for a fast running game with plenty of ball getting thrown around the backs.
Chiefs. By 11.

All of the first year uni students got free tickets to the bank, so that should be packed (although I passed on the offer to sit in my season seat). As long as they all don't worry about missing out on Miss O Week at 9:30. And G.G., yes, that actually will be worth going too, what you say about Hamilton woman isn't entirely true.
I grew up in Hamilton... what do they say about the women?
No one asked me… I had plenty of them… oh, is that what they mean about Hamilton Women?
The Reds have had a few close ones. This could be the game they break their drought. Its a shame they lost Barnes as he was starting to look real good. Him and Johansson would be an awesome combo. Also the quicker Tune gets back the better the Reds backline will be. Huxley does nothing at 13.

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