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Round 5 - Chiefs v Crusaders



I have been allowed.

Chiefs ready to 'attack' the Crusaders

The Chiefs are keen to employ a more expansive game when they face the table-topping Crusaders in the opening match of Super 14 Week Five. The Chiefs will enjoy home ground advantage, with the game being played at the Waikato Stadium in Hamilton.

Not even the loss of pacy right wing Sosene Anesi (to the New Zealand Commonwealth Games sevens team) and an injury cloud hanging over three other key backs - Byron Kelleher, Sam Tuitupou and Mils Muliaina - are dampening coach Ian Foster's spirit.

Kelleher (ribs), Tuitupou (shoulder) and Muliaina (neck) were unable to take full part in training in the early stage of this week's build-up.

From the couch...
"We're really keen to play an attacking style of game. Even with the loss of Sosene Anesi to the New Zealand Sevens team at the Commonwealth Games, it is something we wish to continue."

"Next week we have planned a training camp in Whangamata, as well as using the time to give the guys a few days off."

While the injury cloud hangs over the likes of Kelleher, Tuitupou and Muliaina, there were promising signs from midfielders David Hill and Niva Ta'auso, who are returning from illness and injury respectively.
Training at Whangamata? how the f&*k do you TRAIN at Whangamata?
I support the Chiefs, but thats my bad luck.
If you think they can win this game then you are stupid, and thats your bad luck.
Could be this first loss for Crusaders? Very exciting game, looking forward for this Chiefs are very strong on home soil!
It will be the first loss for the Crusaders. They always have a mid season stumble.

The Chiefs if I remember have got some guy who will be even more devastating than Soseni is.

I think the score will be a bit embaressing for the Crusaders. The Chiefs will run them off the park.
Crusaders are going into this game with sh&t all injuries, while the Chiefs on the other hand have a couple of players not there (one in particular) or under injury cloud. No hope for the Chiefs on this one.
Crusaders are a class act, to organised, to efficient, to strong (tight 5), the Blues got off lucky.
No need for hope when there is love.

"Love is in the air....." :lol:

"Can you feel....the love... tonight"

This will be the game where the Chiefs will get it together as a defensive unit (what a dreamer lol!).
A Chiefs win might spice up the competition ! GG is right, Crusaders stumble in the mid season, it`s not something new.

The Chiefs crowd is also smth very important in this game ecuation, they put a lot of pressure on the visiting team

This game is open to any result IMO.
lauaki is 1up on mose tuialii since that npc game last year where sione ragdolled half there team around..should be a high scoring game

im loving that forward battle too...holah vs mccaw is always good and jonno gibbes vs rueben thorne will be another gud bash up...

carters gonna carve that midfield but im back the chiefs outside 3 to work that magic
Chiefs: 1 - Simms Davison, 2 - Tom Willis, 3 - Ben Castle, 4 - Jono Gibbes (Captain), 5 - Bernie Upton, 6 - Steven Bates, 7 - Marty Holah, 8 - Sione Lauaki, 9 - Byron Kelleher, 10 - Stephen Donald, 11 - Sitiveni Sivivatu, 12 - Sam Tuitupou, 13 - Mark Ranby, 14 - Anthony Tahana, 15 - Mils Muliaina.

Reserves: 16 - Aleki Lutui, 17 - Deacon Manu, 18 - Sean Hohneck, 19 - Kristian Ormsby, 20 - Jamie Nutbrown, 21 - David Hill, 22 - Loki Crichton.

Crusaders: 1 - Wyatt Crockett, 2 - Corey Flynn, 3 - Greg Somerville, 4 - Chris Jack, 5 - Ross Filipo, 6 - Reuben Thorne, 7 - Richard McCaw (Captain), 8 - Mose Tuiali'i, 9 - Andrew Ellis, 10 - Daniel Carter, 11 - Scott Hamilton, 12 - Aaron Mauger, 13 - Caleb Ralph, 14 - Rico Gear, 15 - Leon MacDonald.

Reserves: 16 - Tone Kopelani, 17 - Ben Franks, 18 - Brad Mika, 19 - Johnny Leo'o, 20 - Kevin Senio, 21 - Cameron McIntyre, 22 - Casey Laulala.

Some interesting match ups there...
Well if both teams play like they did last week, should be a Chiefs victory, and I'll be coming away from the ground happy. Hopefully Hill will come on early in the second half, and maybe chuck Crichton into wing early in the second half aswell.

GoGo Chiefs.

Just looking at the backlines...

9. Kelleher >>>> Ellis
10. Donald <<<<<<< Carter
11. Sivi >>>> Hamilton
12. Tuitupou < Mauger
13. Ranby > Ralph
14. Tahana <<<<<< Gear
15. Mils > MacDonald

Chiefs just have the edge here I reckon. Forwards aren't half bad either soooo Chiefs 29 - 21 Crusaders.
Ranby on Ralph... all depends on Ralph (shocker last game).
Finding this one hard to predict.
any one know the odds on the game? wouldnt mind putting some money on this one.

as long as the cheifs are paying out good that is B)
$11.00 chiefs 13 +
$4.90 chiefs 12 -
$35.00 draw (go for this one o_O)
$2.80 crudsaders 12 -
$2.05 crusaders 13 + (safe bet)
ranby should be 12 and mills at 13...with loki at fullback with tuitupou an impact player

coz caleb ralph cant play above the pace of mills the whole night
Would have made things interesting, still expect to see a lot of Mils in the backline, Crusaders have a good defensive backline but not a bruising defense (leaves it wide open for Mils).
Originally posted by Ripper+Mar 10 2006, 08:17 PM-->
<!--QuoteBegin-The TRUTH!!
@Mar 10 2006, 08:36 PM
Who was the smartarse who thought it would be funny to let you out of the asylum? [/b]
You obviously didn't watch the game then

MacDonald was man of the match

Mils cost his team the match

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