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Round 6: W Force v Hurricanes



Promises to be a good match this one… The Force self destructed last week against the Warratahs and managed a draw (go Kafta you good thing) while the Canes went down to the Stormers in a shocker.
Ma’eyeliner is set to return for the Canes and have not heard if there any issues in the Force camp.

For mine I think this is another good chance for the Force to finally win a game at home, unless of course the Canes have had a serious wakeup call from the shocker of last week.
Based on their performance last week I’m leaning towards the Force…
Hurricanes after their loss to the Reds in round 1 came back with a brilliant effort to beat the Chiefs at Hamilton in round 2.

After their horrible perfomance against the Stormers, I have no doubt that they will be at Subiaco with all guns blazing.

Supporters of the Western Force will have to endure another terrible weekend. Force to extend their home loss.

Canes by 12.
Fingers crossed... Canes just scare me when you see them play like last week... horrified is a better word.
Should be a good game though with both teams keen for the win.
This should be an interesting match to watch. Both teams are separated by one point in the standings. The winner will be pushing hard for a top 4 spot, and keeping it.

Hurricanes by 12 and under.
another clash near the top of the table. both teams will be hunting for the win and looking to get into the top 4. both teams were a bit average last week and no doubt will be looking to step it up a gear or 2 this week. I will go for the canes in this one by abou 7 points in what I think will be an exciting game
Another draw.
This will also be my last post on these forums until the Force wins a home game.....i hope i dont have to wait long.
? ! ? !

Didn't you see how shitful the Canes where last week?
Golden oppurtunity... golden
Head to Head:

15 Cory Jane,
14 Hosea Gear,
13 Conrad Smith,
12 Tana Umaga ©,
11 David Smith,
10 Blair Stewart,
9 Alby Mathewson;
8 Thomas Waldrom,
7 Serge Lilo,
6 Luke Andrews,
5 Bernie Upton,
4 Paul ***o,
3 Neemia Tialata,
2 Tone Kopelani,
1 John Schwalger.
16 Mahonri Schwalger,
17 Anthony Perenise,
18 Bradley Mika,
19 Hayden Hopgood,
20 Chris Smylie,
21 Jimmy Gopperth,
22 Ma'a Nonu/ Tamati Ellison.


15 Drew Mitchell,
14 Scott Staniforth,
13 Ryan Cross,
12 Junior Pelesasa,
11 Cameron Shepherd,
10 Matt Giteau,
9 Matt Henjak;
8 Scott Fava,
7 David Pocock,
6 Richard Brown,
5 Nathan Sharpe ©,
4 David Pusey,
3 Troy Takiari,
2 Tai McIsaac,
1 Gareth Hardy.
16 Brendan Cannon,
17 Angus Scott,
18 Rudi Vedelago,
19 Matt Hodgson,
20 Chris O'Young,
21 James Hilgendorf,
22 Digby Ioane.

Have a close look at the line up from the Canes... new 1st5 could offer a new dimension to the Canes lineup with a flyhalf prepared to run at the line... Tana moving into 12 with Smith in at 13... David Smith and Gear on the wings.
I thought this one was heading towards the Force.
After seeing the Canes lineup... think the Force is in for another loss at home.
Don;t get me wrong the Force have a solid backline BUT compared to the Canes not even.
Henjak... whatever, Git at 10? not even... should be at 12 (whens the Kiwi 10 getting back?)... Cross on Smith should be a good watch as well as whats happening on the wings... David Smith could have a Blinder here.

Changed my earlier call... Canes by 10
(whens the Kiwi 10 getting back?)[/b]

For the Force?... we have no kiwi 10's

David Smith could have a Blinder here[/b]

Playing against Da Forth!, don't be silly. B)

Just on Staniforth, what is it with Mitchell and playing backs out of position?(did that alot with the AB's). Staniforth is our best player, he should be playing at 12 - the position he dominated in last year.

Thank god Ioane is finally back in the team, although i'd like to see him in the XV with Pelesasa on the bench(Stani to 12)

I saw him a couple of weeks ago in the city,he's really beefed up this year.....

Last year


This year


Dont really know what to expect from the Force tomorrow, but i'll tip em anyway( we force fans are gluttons for punishment).... Force by 0.5
Sorry, should have explained myself a bit better... when's the guy that was born in Sydney, lived in Sydney, learnt how to be a 1st5 in Taranaki returning?
Ahh, your talking about Brock James.... god he was **** for us last year.

We let him go, he's now in France and the last i heard he was the top point scorer in the league :eek:
Nope... Hilgendorf

OK ,well Hilgendorf has been back for a few weeks, hasn't seen much game time though.

Brock James was Taranaki player of year a few seasons ago, thats why i thought you meant him.
Is he 100% fit? perhaps thats why he's not on the field?

I'd sort of like to see...

15 Cameron Shepherd
14 Scott Staniforth
13 Ryan Cross
12 Matt Giteau
11 Drew Mitchell
10 James Hilgendorf
9 Chris O'Young


15 Drew Mitchell
14 Scott Staniforth
13 Ryan Cross
12 Cameron Shepherd
11 Digby Ioane
10 Matt Giteau
9 Chris O'Young

..may God be easy on you western australia..for he has sent forth a gift to rugby known as David Smith...and on impact he shall shatter the force backline..and control havoc and use it on you!

My mate is going to this match cos he won tickets. :D I had to explain to him how rugby union worked. :lol:

They tried to rob us again with that bullshit try to Gopperth, but well done boys for not giving up. :bravo: :cheers:

Mark Lawrence can eat a big fat dick!!!!

TheBokke can eat a big fat Buffalo dick!!!!

Yeahhh FORCE! :D :D :D

ps. Digby Ioane >>>> David Smith
How about the obstruction with Umanga try?
Looks like i keep posting!
What a champ Tana is! Has to be one of the most humble pro sports identities going around atm
I was in tears....GOOD TIMES!
That was an excellent call to remove henjack when they did. For some reason im convinced we wouldnt have won if he had played to the end. He actually had a half decent game with a few runs here and there but i think he lacks the composure to get the job done at crunch time. Please start O'Young next week please!
Drew Mitchell had a good agame and Fava is definitely back in my goodbooks but all the back rowers for the Force played well. Good to see more consistency in the lineout now. Still a long way to go with many areas still requiring heaps of improvement

Are the Force good enuff to beat a Hurricane team including the likes of Weepu, Collins, Masoe, So'ailo(SP?), and Eaton? WHO CARES WE WON TONIGHT!!

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