Round 7. Blues – Highlanders:

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Dumbo, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    Both teams get a break after solid performances last week.
    Both teams may look somewhat different on their return as the Blues will have forwards Keven Mealamu, Tony Woodcock and Ali Williams plus winger Joe Rokocoko while the Highlanders will have the services of Anton Oliver and big Carl Hayman.
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  3. BLUEZ WILL WIN!!!!!1?!?!!!!
  4. mimic

    mimic Guest

    I'm wondering what will happen with the return of Ali Williams.
    Will they shift Flavell to 6? Or move Rawlinson to the bench?

    Bringing back Woodcock and Mealamu should strengthen the Blues scrum a bit.
    The two replacement props who came on for the Blues last week got totally crushed, and thats one of my major concerns with the Blues.
  5. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    I'm hoping to see Flavell on the Blind side flank... Collins has it sown up for the AB's but it's always nice to have options.
  6. mimic

    mimic Guest

    Well, I'd only like to see Flavell there, mainly cos I want Flavell in and Thorne out of the All Blacks :p
  7. personally id like to see big jerry fit into that number.8 again and have flavell at 6..but me reckons that is too much of a power play and henry likes rodney as his second "fetcher" to mccaw...

    anyways..if we playing some grunt in the near future at test level..flavell,collins and mccaw would be ideal
  8. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    Always amazed at folk that don't like Thorne, always.
    High work rate, great on defence, a leader... AND there's a guy called Henry that reckon's he can play but NOPE... and on this forum it always seems to be a Blues supporter that thinks he's ****, Oh and there's another guy that thinks he can play called Robbie Deans.
  9. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Guest

    Anton Oliver should find it hard to get back into the team with the way Jason McDonald is playing now. He's been awesome and capped it off with a try last week.

    Flavell will probably shift to blindside when Williams come back. He will give Jerry a run for his money.

    Roks was injured in last night's game with the Chiefs 2nd XV so the bye comes at a good time for him to regain his spot.
  10. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    My favourite part of Ruben Thorne's "Leadership" is when he disappears from the game 5 minutes into it and pops up at the End of Game Press Conference. Much better than the Tana Umaga and Richie McCaw style of leading from the front with thier actions as well as their words.
  11. Riot

    Riot Guest

    Collins isnt a number 8, Rodders is small yes but more skilled, JC has worked on his all round game but hes not there yet!

    Plus highlanders are the blues boogie team so im not sure yet
  12. dont be silly...collins was a originally a number8..he played that position through out junior rep grades

    he can adapt to that position..but he is accustomed to the number 6 role...and it will take him time to adjust back to number 8..he is now the best number 6 in the world and has been for it would be fair to leave him their..but if they chose to..he could move to 8...his allround game is better than rodneys...the only thing rodney has got going for him ahead of collins is his speed..he was a sevens player originally so he is great link to have between him and 10...and the rest of the backline

    boogie team?...whats this?..highlanders dancing with the stars a.k.a the blues?..

    anyways...ruebon thorne?....BAAAAAAAAH!...i dont know..i honestly dont..he is a very very old school player and he came from that era of 96-98...flankers have adjusted since then and have become more flamboyant...he is a plain old school player to me..yeah he covers lock and 6,and was an unsucessful allblack captain but a very successful super12 captain..i dunno...he plays some good games but for the most quite invisable..maybe its just the tv but he doesnt have that presence to us viewers..

    i would pick flavell over him today...and any other day for that matter..simply because flavell is a new era forward and excells now where thorne had before...the discipline and leadership roles...that solve ya puzzle dumbo?
  13. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    My favourite part of Ruben Thorne's "Leadership" is when he disappears from the game 5 minutes into it and pops up at the End of Game Press Conference. Much better than the Tana Umaga and Richie McCaw style of leading from the front with thier actions as well as their words.

    Not a Blues supporter are you?
  14. mimic

    mimic Guest

    It's easy to be a successful captain when you have McCaw in your team :p

    Flavell's leadership has lifted a **** Blues team from last year, to a Blues team who is currently leading the Super14, WITHOUT their All Blacks. I doubt Thorne could do the same.

    I didn't say Thorne was ****.. I just prefer Flavell. I like his handling skills, and his attacking skills are also up there.
  15. esoj

    esoj Guest

    thorne seems to play very average but gets in on the crusaders wining and therefore must be good. I maybe a blues supporter but have also been watching rugby for along time (first live game was lions third test at eden park) and know the guys that contribute to the team.

    thorne imo simply doesn't fit in the modern game or in the abs. the abs are all about attack and to me flavell and collins are the better options for this role. thorne is the safe bet and has been refered to as being the glue but he really offers nothing and has no x-factor at all. flavell and collins are dynamic and fit the abs style a lot more
  16. melon

    melon Guest

    He may not have the x-factor, but from what i have seen, the majority of his games are consistent in performance and he rarely has a bad game. As you said also he is the glue, and with all the razzle dazzle of the All Blacks, someone like that may be needed. He plays the conservative role and when that is needed (which i admit is hardly ever!) he is the person to lead from the front. With that being said though i guess the way they are going there may become no room for such a player and in some people opinions, that time has already come.
  17. esoj

    esoj Guest

    flavell can also cover lock so if he plays well enough thorne may not be on the plane to france.
  18. melon

    melon Guest

    I suppose versatility is a big thing nowadays aswell. I'd like to see Flavell play at this years world cup, i was disappointed that he wasn't a part of the ABs 2003 campaign....same with Taine Randall and Andrew Mehrtens and Anton Oliver and Christian Cullen (he was probably gone by then)
  19. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    Thorne has his merits, he's a hard worker as is players like Hayman and Woodcock, is big enough to be a lock and 6... Collins, Flavell and Thorne, yup i'd take all of them.
    Also agree it's easy to win when you have Ritchie in the squad... and well if you play for the AB's well then... hes the captain.

    Wish we had the same depth at 13.
  20. esoj

    esoj Guest

    oh for sure more 13 depth would be awesome. conrad smith is back and he isn't too bad mils can play fine there. beyond those 2 not quite sure what is left. guys like nonu and toeava have been tried there with varying success
  21. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    Smith and Toeava for mine, still prefer to see Mils at 15.
    Think both Smith and Toeava will grow well into the 13 position
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