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Round 8. Crusaders v Stormers



Crusaders (with the possibility of fielding 6 rested All Blacks) take on the Stormers (good effort from the Cape boys last week) in Christchurch.
I think New Zealand will be watching very closely who Robbie Deans selects for this game.
The Crusaders will want to win everything with a bonus point from here on in to secure a place in the semi’s, his B team has really shown that they can step up, any ideas out there on who’s going to be selected?

For mine think the Stormers are not going to have a lot of Joy in this one.
For mine think the Stormers are not going to have a lot of Joy in this one.


Yeah, I'm not holding my breath :(

But then we all know what happened last year, (*but then again that was last year, and also at Newlands not Christchurch*)

Ahem........ :unsure:
If I was mr. Deans I`d start with the bulk of my returning AB`s off the bench- his current "B" team is really starting to hit form, and to change too much, even with the likes of Carter and co. available again, is a bit senseless, considering 5 points should be in the offing quite easily.

The Stormers have been inconsistency personified this season, playing 1 great game, followed by 2 bags of shite, so they might just actually be due another good performance again- they didn`t win as much last week, as being gifted the win by a horrible Tahs side. You just never know what`ll happen on the day, which side turns up. But thanks to Boggle for reminding us of the one time last season that the Stormers actually looked like a champion side.

My prediction- a great start for the Stormers, applying the early pressure and getting a penalty after 3 minutes. Also a strong finish by them, scoring an intercept try on full-time. In the remaining 77 minutes though, business as usual for the Crusaders, running out 53-10 winners.
I totally agree, my money (points) are on the crusaders. They are 1:8 favourites to beat the stormers, and it should be an easy 13+
The Crusaders side to play the Stormers in Saturday night’s Rebel Sport Super 14 match at Jade Stadium in Christchurch is:

15. Leon MacDonald

14. Rico Gear

13. Casey Laulala

12. Aaron Mauger

11. Scott Hamilton

10. Daniel Carter

9. Andrew Ellis

8. Mose Tuiali’i

7. Richard McCaw

6. Reuben Thorne

5. Chris Jack

4. Ross Filipo

3. Campbell Johnstone

2. Corey Flynn (captain)

1. Wyatt Crockett

Run on reserves

16. Ti’i Paulo

17. Ben Franks

18. Michael Paterson

19. Kieran Read

22. Johnny Leo’o

20. Kevin Senio

21. Stephen Brett
bugger i just read that. All six of the all blacks are in starting which is awesome. The seventh being yoda who is out for the rest of the super 14.

A very formidable side that.
stormers are in big trouble. that crusaders side will rip them apart. stormers will be doing well to keep within 20 points of the crusaders
The Stormers are very muck like the French, you dont know which team turns up on match day.

On paper, Yes! the Crusaders looks mean and menacing but so does the Stormers.

Their win against the Tahs has given them renewed hope :p and it is possible they could beat the Crusaders.

I am picking the Stormers to win this one. It will be a close and tight game.

STORMERS by 10. :cheers:

(P.S: I'm still not gonna pick the Crusaders no matter what.)
dont worry i see where he is coming from.

There is nothing else past the bombay hills at all really.

well from this far down the north island (and being from canterbury) there is nothing up there :)
No no no.... Everything is fine down south of the Bombay Hills.

I like the Chiefs, in fact they are my 2nd favourite team in the Super14. I also like the Highlanders and the Canes, as for the Crusaders.....pppfffttt, who gives a sh*t about them. :D

I've never really liked them....and I dont think I ever will.
everything you said is the same for me, except replace Crusaders for Blues and we are in sync :)

At least i support the most succesful francise :)

Always hating :%#%#: on the mighty :lol2tn: Crusaders, it's such a bad look on you, but I know deep,deep,deep deep.....deep down inside you there's a soft spot for the mighty Red & Blacks, because without the Crusaders players our hopes of holding the World Cup again would virtually be over. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Ps. I've got s spare jersey for you when you’re ready to convert. :wall:

Crusaders by 17, Stormers should offer some resistance but with the ABs back it's gonna be tough, although cob webs and lack of games together could fall in there favour. <_<
I'd take that up Juggernaut.

Free Jeresy coming your way... some 6 nations supperter will give you at least three months wages for that.
Crusaders have beaten the Stormers 36-11

For Crusaders, 2 tries to Rico Gear, 1 for Leon MacDonald and 1 for Casey Laulala
2 conversions & 4 penalties to Carter

For Stormers, 1 try to Barry and a penalty and conversion to Grant
Only caught the first half.
I dont understand why opposing teams outside of NZ continually target McCaw in extreme rough play. Its clearly evident he doesnt get rattled by it.
Laulala made some great contributions in the first half.
Laulala's got laid on his arse a few times when trying to tackle.. and he dropped a few balls..

But yeah, I guess he made up for it with a few good runs
Lauala is always missing tackles and getting embaressed.......but he has a hell of a babish looking woman!

...........asking myself how those two clauses are even remotely related <_<
Good win for the Saders. <_<

Laulala always seem to play better when Carter & Co. are around. Same as Gear & Ralph.