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Round 8: W.Force v Stormers



The Force (last on the ladder â€" not even a single point) made a come back in their last run on the field against what must be said was a dismal effort from the Bulls.
The Cheetahs are 6th on the ladder… can the Force get up for this one?
Cheetahs are 6th, yes. Stormers are 10th.

Prediction... Force may score a point here...
Stormers will still win though
Force will win easy

They deserved to win the other night....... Stormer wont get no easy interceptions this week.

SA rugby :zzz:
Stormers to win, Force is no team so far, just a bunch of players, some of them quite average :D
Average thus far BUT you never know... that last half for the Force showed a glimmer of hope...
Yeah, well than just let me ask you. Are you going to bet even 1 sterling pound on them for this game? No, you are not going to do that! :D
Um... sort of did (do Aussie dollars count?), and um yup didn't do me any good.
Think that they just have MAJOR issues with the line up at the moment, best of luck to them. I kinda like the Westerners... they dislike Sydney people as much as I do...
Honestly, i don`t think they really care about the rest of Australia not to mention the rest of the world which is so bloody great if you ask me! :D
They don't have too, they’ve got the mines (which means they’ve got the money), they’ve got the sunshine and the beaches (they’ve also got a few great whites...but hey) and all in all they have a more relaxed attitude.
BIG NEWS.... Joe Van Niekerk is set to be in the 22 man team to take on the Force at Subiaco Oval this Friday!!!! The Coach will announce the team tomorrow but it is certain he will be in
There is also some positive aspects if Stormers lose: they`ll be the laughing stock in SA :D
You really are going to have to clear this up Rassie... laughing stock? but... their still South African... playing Aussies...
Don`t get me wrong, i don`t want them to lose, i`m just thinking of some positive aspects :D
I'm confused as hell Rassie... Bob Skinstad, Breyton Paulse, Jean de Villiers, Corné Krige, Robbie Fleck and even Schalk Boof Burger... they are all Stormers that have added (maybe I'm like really wrong on this but...) have added a lot to South African Rugby? maybe... ???

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