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Rugby 06 7's mod




i wonder if it is possible if one of you game editor guys can figure out how the game excludes players from the team when they have a yellow/red card.

that way you can edit that file so that 8 players have red cards before the game starts so there will only be 7 players on the field. this way we can make it a sevens game.

give all the forwards except the front row red cards and 3 backline players red cards.

do any of you guys reckon its possible?? <_<

i imagine the game would have a critica number of players that can be sent off (prob 2/3) much the same as injured players have a critical mass if you use all replacements.

it would proably therefore be impossible to remove that many players from a game.

i think there was a patch for 7s on rugby 2001 but it was terrible. think it worked by making the player size 0 for 8 of the team. the others still passed to them though.
what does the game do if any of the front row get red carded?

i've only ever had a 2nd rower or flanker (apart from the backs) and the scrums still work minus a few players.

what i'm thinking is red card the front and second row, leaving the flankers and no 8. the game should handle this and pack them in to the front row (i hope), then red card 3 of the backs to leave 7, someone should step in to scrum half in the absence of a scrum half and the game should work.

all we need now is someone to spend some time with a hex editor and find the "red card" value in memory and play around with it until we have an answer.

great theory though gallopaway
Interesting thread but I wonder how they game would play out with just the seven players. My fear is that a player will get tackled and two or three players will tumble into the ruck. This leaves the halfback with only two players (or three) to pass to and the game will just become one-up kind of stuff.

I doubt that a sevens game will be out anytime soon - the demand for it would be tiny and it just isn't worth the risk. I mean there is only one company making normal rugby games at the moment.
no but they could just make an option for a 7 players game... my fear with your mod is, as InsaneAsylum said, that you'll have the centers going into the ruck ... i don't think the programmers have included the option for simulated scrums ...
the problem with EA games is that the option menu is always crap (see the unability to change the buttons ...)

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