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Rugby 06 Scrums and Mauls?



How do I move mauls and push in the scrums (PS2 version), it says use the left analogue stick, but nothing happens, is there any specific way to do it/point/spin it?

Frustrating me no end, I just cant seem to get mauls moving or win any scrums on any difficulty.
When i start a rolling maul, i make sure the ball catcher has the circle flashing on him he is then the maul starter, bind as many players at the start so you have a good weight advantage, once you have started that the circle will automaticaly go to your srcum half, when you think you have a good bunch press left analogue stick to the left/right up/down depending on what camera angle you are using? and the direction you are playing, this should work as it does for me. . .

Scrums more or less the same thing but dont hook b4 u place the ball into the scrum! once the ball is in the scrum press the direction you are playing, but if your pack is not so strong then the srum will not move far or not at all. . . . .

This is the same for the PC as well as the PS2 but i play more on the PC. . . .
OK - maybe you can help me with this one. When I do have a maul moving up the field (by pressing left or right on the analog stick) it will always make my players do a set move (like the arrow above their head changes from red to falshing green or something) - how do i move the maul along, yet still retain control once 9 passes to 10? Anyone? Cheers
When you do eventually get the maul running and when it stops and the icon on your scrum-half stops flashing you need to pass the ball, or you get penalised for not releasing the ball out of a maul/scrum, once you pass the ball to your backs the number icons come over the set-players heads select which number you want then that player will end up with the ball after the set-play as moved! There are some good set-plays to choose from the most used is the Classic set-play. . . . . . .

Hope this helps a little?

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