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Discussion in 'EA Rugby 08' started by Fa'atau82, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Hi guys.

    As you know, i have been making MUP and it's rosters with guys like Uli85 and co, and i just had a fantastic idea. We can have some type of fantasy/online league that we can all play, although we would not be playing each other as it is not possible, but we can all be involved with a system that is much deeper than the cack the game currently gives us.

    What would happen is that by using the same roster and making a real schedule, we can play the scheduled games to a certain set of rules (for each individual if neccessary) to counteract for individual skill levels and compensate for the games AI in some cases. So we all get a decent game of rugby 08, whether you are a good player or not.

    So the idea works like this. Lets say 12 (or any amount more than 5 ideally) players want to start an fantasy/online league for the Guinness Premiership. The schedule is officially given out and we ALL play the games individually in exhibition mode. You can choose the match options, including difficulty and conditions etc.

    You will be designated a team to play with for each seperate game, so in some games you will have a good team and in others you will have a poor team, but it will be spread out equally over the schedule so you will get a chance to play as all the teams, good or bad.

    So, you will all get a chance to play as your 1st choice team. If you prefer you can play as your team for your games and ignore the rest, but i would need a result, even if it's a prediction. You can choose who plays from the squad, but no transfers are allowed unless made by myself or the person (like ross-Munro or ozzy) in the official fantasy/online roster. These will mimic real life and will be released accordingly.

    We then record our results, with try and points scorers and pass them on to myself. If for some reason you can't play a match then you can simply make up the result. It doesn't matter how.

    I will then add up all the points scored and divide it by the amount of games played for that match to get an average. This will go for all the scorers too.

    So for example for 5 players, if Wasps play Bristol and Wasp's combined total comes to 100 pts and Bristol's comes to 75pts, then Wasps will win the fantasy match officially 20-15.. although someone in their game may have scored more for Wasps. It is all added and accumulated.

    If Danny Cipriani scored a total 65pts from that 100pts including tries and scoring kicks, then the official points scored by Cipriani on average for that match would be 13. And so it goes on for the other scorers.

    This would then be entered into an official league table which would be published weekly on EARSC. The listings would have leading try and points scorers and the table. Maybe some player screenshots.

    We can have a schedule for any tournament that has an accurate roster made for it. This can be for Rugby World Cup, 6 Nations, Tri-Nations, Pacific Nations Cup, Guinness Premiership, Super14, Heineken Cup and more (depending if mods get made). If you have MUP then you also have Top 14. Players without MUP won't be able to play Top14, but they can play Super 14.

    The great thing about this as well is that players can actually play a fantasy tournament while the real one goes on in real life, like the Tri-Nations coming up.

    For players who find this game far too easy then handicaps would be imposed on each player depending on their skill level. This will be decided according to the player's opinion of their own skill. There can be no cheating, because you simply will handed a bigger handicap if you are showing off, and also really you'd get bored of winning 95-0, plus your result would not count if it was that ridiculous.

    So if you was playing as Wasps vs Bristol, you'd have to deduct lets say 10pts from your final wasps score for an average player.

    This means that you must score 10 more points than the cpu team to actually earn a win. So if your score in your game was actually 20-12, then you would have LOST after you take off the -10 handicap. This means that you can play like you really mean it and go for the game, rather than play like a dumbass for the sake of it.

    And that's how it works.

    This would not start until the new season, but players can sign-up or show some interest in this idea.

    I decided that we should all have some fun with this game. At the moment in the competitions in the actual game, you can't even add a player to the custom roster during the season. In this fantasy version, you can and you don't have to worry about crashes ruining your saved game. You don't even have to actually play the game either, you can just join in for the fun of it and use it as a prediction type game.. but playing the game would be better ;)

    What do you guys think?

    Good idea?

    Who's up for this?
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  3. SecondRow04

    SecondRow04 Guest

    that sounds like a very good idea, i would love to be involved. I think im a good player and would like to try this out

    do you need any help with anything in setting it up?


  4. Camberabero

    Camberabero Guest

    It sounds good...
    There's no reason why we couldn't try it.
    Good piece of thinking M8 !
  5. Dmx#1

    Dmx#1 Guest

    It sounds like a great idea but it sounds like your missing out on letting Rugby 06 players have a go :wah:
  6. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Someone could start their own R06 game.. based on a roster. I don't think anyone patches R06 rosters anymore, but you are welcome to try and i'll put it on my site. You could make your own custom league with clubs or whetever.

    I wouldn't need any help to set this up, but joining my site would be a good idea because i can send newsletters out thru the site.

    If i get some interest i will try it. I plan to try it for a small teamed comp like Tri-Nations maybe in a months time.
  7. Haysie

    Haysie Guest

    Sounds like a fantastic idea, I'm definitely in. If we can get the Currie Cup and ANZ Cup files up and running it can be included for those as well, I reckon that would be bloody fun!
  8. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    In time, yes.. but for now we can trial it at the next big tournament which is Tri-Nations. All i need is the squads, although to be fair we can try it without them. Preferably with maybe 5-10 players as i will be doing the stats thing.
  9. Haysie

    Haysie Guest


    PLAYER S14 DOB Ht (cm) Wt(kg) CAPS POINTS
    Forwards (17)
    Alexander, Ben Brum 13.11.84 189 120 0 0
    Baxter, Alistair NSW 21.1.77 190 116 51 5
    Brown, Richard WF 28.8.84 189 106 0 0
    Chisholm, Mark Brum 18.9.81 197 115 35 25
    Dunning, Matt NSW 19.12.78 182 119 36 0
    Elsom, Rocky NSW 14.2.83 197 112 32 25
    Freier, Adam NSW 20.3.80 175 101 20 10
    Hoiles, Stephen Brum 13.10.81 190 98 15 15
    Horwill, James QLD 29.5.85 200 117 1 0
    Moore, Stephen QLD 20.1.83 186 112 20 5
    Mumm, Dean NSW 5.3.84 196 109 0 0
    Palu, Wycliff NSW 27.7.82 194 120 17 5
    Polota-Nau, Tatafu NSW 26.7.85 181 113 3 0
    Robinson, Benn NSW 19.7.84 183 113 6 0
    Sharpe, Nathan WF 26.2.78 200 115 64 30
    Smith, George Brum 14.7.80 180 104 83 45
    Waugh, Phil NSW 22.9.79 175 100 66 20

    Backs (13)
    Ashley-Cooper, Adam Brum 27.3.84 182 97 12 20
    Barnes, Berrick QLD 28.5.86 183 88 4 16
    Burgess, Luke NSW 20.8.83 179 89 0 0
    Cordingley, Sam QLD 20.3.76 178 87 14 0
    Cross, Ryan WF 6.10.79 191 100 0 0
    Giteau, Matt WF 29.9.82 178 85 51 259
    Hynes, Peter QLD 18.7.82 180 92 0 0
    Ioane, Digby QLD 14.7.85 179 94 1 5
    Mortlock, Stirling Brum 20.5.77 191 102 63 463
    Sheehan, Brett NSW 16.9.79 173 90 1 0
    Shepherd, Cameron WF 30.3.84 189 97 6 19
    Tuqiri, Lote NSW 23.9.79 191 104 58 140
    Turner, Lachie NSW 11.5.87 189 88 0 0

    I hope that helped mate
  10. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    I found that, but it's not for Tri-Nations. Squads out now are for the Tests they are playing, but the squads might be similar.
  11. camelback

    camelback Guest

    I'm in ! I'm not sure to be at home during the tri nations, but if not, i could join for next season ^^
  12. Haysie

    Haysie Guest

    My bad, I thought that the Bundy Rum Series included the Tri-Nations. You'll be lucky to find the squads a week before the match begins the way the press is run in Oz. :p
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