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Rugby 08 Kits and Star Players



I'm still on the fence about buying Rugby 08 or not, so I was wondering if someone could take some screenshots of the Welsh Clubs and stick them up on here for me. I want to see if they've git them anywhere near right this time. If you can't be bothered to do all 4 just do Cardiff for now. And who're the star players for Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Italy? (If they have any that is)
well as you've most probably been reading on the forum, but Ea have made no effort at all with this one. The Welsh teams are exactly the same as last year. the badges and the kits everything. Even the ground. Neath-Swansea (Ospreys) still play in a ground that looks like a cross between the Gnoll and St Helens. the rosters are totally out of date. TBO the rugby 06 rosters are actually more accurate than 08. There's no Ayn Wyn Jones for Wales,. Hook is in the 70's um the stars for Wales are same as last year, Henson and Williams with no change to their stats at all.
Put it this way.

Stephen Jones is not in the Wales squad. He is the captain for gods sake.

J. Loma (Lomu) is still in the Cardiff squad.

Does that answeer your question as to have EA got it right? Oh, and there are many many many many more.

Sorry to dissapoint
yup, remind me not to buy it. I'd have stuck Hook as a star intead of henson, since hensons firm as dropped. Damned EA...
EA probably know, and don't care what they put out with rosters as they know people like woosaah will do the work for them.
Read my rant and then decide whether you want to buy it or not...

Dear EA Sports and HB Studios,
First off, what the hell! It's been 2 years since the release of EA Rugby 06 and what has happened in that time?

You changed the camera angles a bit, which personally wasn't a problem to me at all in R06! I enjoyed Classic Angle.

You've added the Challenge Mode which, although I enjoy, has too many glitches to be any fun. I've only played about a quarter of them and I've already discovered so many glitches. In one challenge you have to win a lineout from all the possible areas (front, back, middle) and it is impossible to complete. I keep trying and even after I've one my lineout multiple times in each place it doesn't check it off! I'm almost certain that in a few other challenges, in which you have to run/soccer kick to gain ground it doesn't add up your metres. I've run from inside my Goal Area to the opponents end and scored a try without passing/kicking/whatever and yet still I apparently haven't run 80 metres!!! How are we supposed to enjoy these "challenges" if they're impossible?

Oh, whats that? You've updated the rosters? Pity they're worse than 06's. Would it be so hard to work out that Nick Evans can play Fullback? On the subject of Nick Evans, I noticed his acceleration is about 60. I've also noticed that most props acceleration is higher. As I said before, what the hell! Nick Evans is one of the top 5 First Fives/Fly Halves at the moment! Why is it that so many good players suck so badly!!! I was also disgruntled when I noticed you haven't moved many players from certain clubs/franchises to other clubs/franchises! There is a list of about 40 of them!

How about the team ratings... Hmmm, Junior All Blacks are 60 something! They thrashed Australia A by 50 points and yet they're a good 10 points or so lower in terms of rating! The JABs would be able to beat lost of the 1st grade teams (Scotland, Wales, probably England) and it is an insult that their rating is so effing low! Also, I noticed that the All Blacks rating has gone down since 06 and that most of the other International teams ratings have gone up! How is it that after beating France by a good 40 points in France that the gap in skill between the two teams has lessened!? It doesn't make any sense what so ever!!! Apparently, England are still alot better than Argentina too, even though Argentina won against England at Twickenham. I don't think your team ratings could be any worse. In the Super14 Bulls should be much higher! They won the competition after all!

So, what Star Players have been added? I noticed Tiquiri has a star... Oh, and Chris Lathatm, whose only played half an hour of Prof. Rugby in the last year someon got a star to his name and yet Mortlock, the second best centre inthe world (Behind BOD) has been completely ignored. Mils Muliaina is, at the moment, the best Fullback in the world by a reasonable distance and yet doesn't have a star!!! A 10 year old could of divided the stars out better! If i'm not mistaken Australia also has the most stars of all teams, even though the All Blacks are a good 6 or 7 points (IRB rankings) ahead of them!

There are a few general mistakes in the games. Such as Penalties bveing awarded instead of Free Kicks when a Lineout throw is crooked (I haven't checked Scrums feeds yet) Also, if a player is injured while a try is scored the whole game freezes! Didn't any of your testers notice this?

The limited ammount of tournaments in R08 is a worry. For some reason, Lions Tour and X Nation have disapeared (Unless you can unlock them...) The X Nations was one of the best comps in the game as you only played good teams! What on earth made you remove it? After adding the JABs I though there was almost no chance of there NOT being a Pacific Nations and yet, even though all the teams are there, the PN has been completely ignored!!! Also, all the Welsh/Irish/Scottish supporters must be fuming after there still being no Magners League competition! How much trouble would it have been to add these tournaments? You could of even included a Custom Tourney mode where you select which teams take part! That woul dof solved plenty of problems. What about the World League? I noticed it was exactly the same as last year. And the World Cup? Thats leads to my next paragraph...

The World Cup. Supposedly the greatest feature of the game. Note I said supposedly. We were promised "A campaign through 6 grueling weeks of the 2007 Rugby World Cup in France, a central hub keeping the user aware of all World Cup progress, a Team management, injuries, squad rotation for greater depth and an IRB World Cup Presentation." How is this ANY different to past World Cups at all!? I ahven't noticed one effing difference between this one and R06's!!!!! Why is it you chose to lie to everyone who was waiting for this game!? The major feature of R08 and it's a complete letdown...

Basically, you've wasted 2 years on what? New camera angles and a couple more star players. Yippee. You've royally scammed everyone who has waited for this game and spent their hard earned cash. Do you feel good about yourselves? I'm sure I could of made R08 using the base of R06... Effectively, R08 is a big waste of money and was nowhere ner worth the wait!
I fully agree with all of that. Being a purist doesn't come into it.

I love Rugby '06 it is a joy to play compared to Rugby Challenge, but IMHO it lacks the following compared to the efforts in FIFA..

Real Leagues and teams (Top14, FRA D2, Super10, Magners League)
All club teams in Europe, including one from Spain and Romania.
Air New Zealand Cup and teams
Currie Cup and Teams
Australian equivalent and teams
Japanese league or rest of the world teams league
More international teams like Chile, Portugal, Ukraine (for ENC)
Any custom league/tournament feature
In-game transfer.. like in world league.. it's already done FFS!

It would be possible to make a complete SH mod, with Currie Cup, Air NZ and Super 14's but you'd have to have a SH club competition called the Heineken Cup.
By the way just in case you didn't know there's a thread over on the EA forums where one of the EA Forum admins, is forwarding your thoughts, criticisms and suggestions to the rugby 08 developers. So head on over there and join the royal *****fest going down.


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i noticed that wales kits are different in WC and normal mode, not that that makes any difference

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